Home Wi-Fi experience lags despite advancing technology – but scaleups are here to help

News 8. February 2022.

Even as technology advances forward in the field of home WiFi, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) continue to face a number of challenges when it comes to efficiently ensuring positive customer experience.

Across the board, customers continue to report issues with network congestion, connectivity, speed, and more, despite better technology promising improvements to these issues for years. What’s more, the ongoing COVID pandemic has led to a significant increase in internet consumption – with a skyrocketing need for data-intensive products like video conferencing services and cloud computing to enable remote work and school, as well as drastic transformations in the use of the internet for entertainment purposes over the same period. This confluence of factors has resulted in an 80% increase in total global WiFi traffic, and this massive shift has even further worsened customer experience by driving up interference and congestion.

In trying to resolve these issues for their customers, ISPs have been consistently working to improve their problem visibility through advances in customer care and WiFi hardware, but this visibility has a key limitation: it often does not reach into the customers’ homes to see the true problems with the WiFi performance. In effect, ISPs are the most blind where it really counts, leading to the continued proliferation of poor WiFi experience for customers.

To achieve real improvements in WiFi experience, ISPs need to move past their blindness to the issues faced by customers and consider ways to improve in two key areas: reactive care to ensure customers can achieve first-call resolution when calling for help; and proactive care to fix customer problems before they even occur. One solution on the market that is offering ISPs the ability to do just that is Match-Maker Ventures portfolio scaleup Lifemote Networks. Lifemote’s AI-driven Wi-Fi Analytics for Internet Service Providers detects and fixes home network issues easily, offering ISPs unprecedented capabilities when it comes to resolving customer issues.

When customers encounter problems with their home WiFi, Lifemote enables ISPs to pinpoint the exact issue that the customer is facing and offer the right solutions remotely, driving significant increases in first-call resolution of problems and removing the need for the ISP to send representatives to customers’ homes, increasing customer convenience and decreasing costs for the ISP.

Additionally, Lifemote’s solution takes its mission one step further by proactively identifying issues before customers even have a need to complain, removing unnecessary disruptions to customers’ WiFi experiences – a crucial capability in an age where a person’s whole work, school, or social life could be based on the internet.

This proactive and reactive solution has considerable impact for ISPs: for one customer, Lifemote enabled a 30% reduction in technician visits to solve customer issues, leading to a significant decrease in the ISP’s customer care costs. With this and other notable KPI impacts, Lifemote is a strong asset for any ISP.

“We see ISPs and their customers around the world growing frustrated with the status quo of customer care. Customers want their problems to be understood and solved quickly, and ISPs want to reduce the time and effort – and associated costs – that it takes to satisfy their customers. With Lifemote, ISPs get the best WiFi analytics tools available, leveraging AI to find and fix issues across their customer base – from big picture trends to individual customer complaints. Lifemote takes the guesswork out of WiFi customer experience, saving ISPs money and saving customers unnecessary obstacles in their increasingly online-native lives.”

Lifemote CEO & Founder Eren Soyak

About Lifemote 

Lifemote is a SaaS platform for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which uses AI to identify and fix home WiFi issues, and enables ISPs with various snapshots and insights** to get clear visibility of subscribers’ home WiFi QoE. Adopting Lifemote allows ISPs to provide fast and effective customer support, resulting in high subscriber satisfaction and reduced cost of customer ownership. Lifemote technology also allows ISPs to better target upsell, and more effectively deploy new hardware to those subscribers in greatest need. Low integration, fast launch and working with any CPE vendor places Lifemote in a favored position in the market especially for ISPs with multi-vendor deployments. Lifemote analyzes data from all devices everyday, enabling true proactive network maintenance for the ISP by providing actionable analytics for each home. Lifemote is deployed in more than 1.5 Mio homes and trusted by a variety of ISPs ranging from large Tier 1 operators such as Telia to regional ISPs in Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.


To learn more about Lifemote and our other portfolio scaleups, head to our website here. To see the potential impact of Lifemote’s solution, check out this case study with London-based ISP Community Fibre.

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