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We drive our scaleups' revenue by accelerating their sales activities and matching them with corporations.

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Match-Maker Ventures services for scaleups

Criteria for portfolio scaleups

Every MATCH starts somewhere.

We bring short-term impact to corporations. To do so, we look for game-changing scaleups with confirmed market traction and that are ready to collaborate.

Focus industry: Do you operate a B2B or B2B4C business model in the telecom industry?

Traction: Do you have at least 3 paying corporate customers in our focus domain?

Geography: Do you want to scale your business operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America?

Funding: Have you raised a seed/series A round and/or have ARR more than €1 million?

Then you found your MATCH. Please complete our application form and let us know more about you.

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Market strategy & preparation

We maximize the impact of your go-to-market.

Our phased approach to working with scaleups ensures we create value while being agile.

Phase I of our approach is Market strategy & preparation. During the process we sharpen your value proposition, USP, and use cases, and jointly develop an actionable sales plan. This multifaceted process is conducted close to market realities ensuring you get relevant feedback at all times.

Moreover, you will be equipped with a value-creating operating and pricing model as well as powerful sales documents – all-set to win the defined target account list!

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We connect scaleups with their future customers, partners and resellers.

Our phased approach to working with scaleups ensures we create value while being agile.

Phases II and III of our approach are Focused match-making and Full-blown match-making, respectively. During Phase II we focus only on a certain number of prioritized accounts to open doors and position the opportunity. This approach allows us to “test the waters,” adjust as we go and ensure the partnership is working smoothly. Once this proves successful, we kick-off our full-blown match-making phase and fully roll-out with a broader network.

Through our global network of 100+ Match-Makers, we have access to corporate C-level decision makers and keep the fingers on the pulse of our target industries. We are in this together: from opening doors and pitching your solution, to opportunity development and finally winning the account and bringing the collaboration to life.

Within months, we create impact for all stakeholders. We are venture human capitalists and take significant risk ensuring we are aligned all the way.

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PicUP Lior Shacham, CEO

"The MMV team makes amazing matches. With MMV's experience and network, we can establish and develop new sales processes that take advantage of the unique knowledge and fantastic connections MMV provides. We are confident that our partnership with MMV will benefit many corporations and help us to make outbound sales calls more effective."

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MYX Dean Bezlov, Head of Business Development

“MMV has been a great partner for us at MYX when reaching out to enterprise telco customers and developing our value proposition. What we particularly like about MMV is their hands-on approach to collaboration - they get deeply involved with the whole process, from account engagement, through to negotiations and delivery. Our next-generation digital twin platform together with the solid experience of the Match-Makers is an excellent combination to approach new markets and develop already existing ones.”

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Baqend Stefan Puriss, Chief Marketing Officer at Baqend

"Match-Maker Ventures' unique approach to innovation and impressive network in the global telco space helped us to open doors to major players and build crucial and much needed traction in this market."

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OnePIN Feyzi Çelik, President & CEO at OnePIN

"MMV’s ability to link companies like ours who have developed compelling and innovative solutions with enterprises has served us well. They have opened new doors for us within our target mobile enterprise customers who are on the lookout for new revenue generating solutions.

It is a collaborative approach – they work as if they are an extended part of our team. While our team already has strong connections throughout the mobile industry, MMV has proven that their unique corp-up approach is valuable in moving opportunities more fully."

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Lifemote Dr. Eren Soyak, Co-Founder and CEO at Lifemote

"Startup founders quickly learn that enterprise sales is about trust, which usually takes years to build between people and companies. MMV provides us with that golden missing link to trust networks - we build trust between each other, and they then project it across the world. Not only do we close sales far faster, but we also get the critical candid feedback that allows us to focus on actually interested prospects."

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PicUP Liad Iluz, VP of Sales

"Having MMV as a strategic partner provides excellent value to our journey. It is a pleasure to work with such super-talented and smart people who really care about us and work hand-in-hand with us every step of the way. As a result of their endless motivation and thorough understanding of startups and corporations, we feel they are part of our team. We are grateful for the chance to collaborate with MMV and hope successful matches follow."

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A1 Telekom Austria Group Matthias Lorenz, Senior Director at A1 Telekom

"A highly valuable team combining deep understanding of our corporate needs and capabilities with a unique scaleup expertise. We benefit highly from the quality recommendations and the capability to drive those collaborations successfully to market."

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Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH Elisabeth Rettl, Senior Head of Business at Hutchison Drei

“MMV combines in-depth telecom understanding with scaleup know-how. Out of our engagement we received a holistic proposition ready to launch together with three high-potential scaleups."

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AdScanner & A1 Helmut Prattes, Media Business at A1 Group

"MMV was supporting the close cooperation between A1 and AdScanner right from the start. Joint efforts in product development, PR and sales have established high awareness for AdScanner on the advertising market."

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EyeOnID Daniel Söderberg, former CEO at EyeOnID

"Our company, EyeOnID has strongly benefited from MMV’s hands-on approach over last couple of months. Thanks to the thorough sales acceleration process, we strengthened our value proposition and significantly improved our sales efforts."

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GSMA Maxime Bayen, Senior Insights Manager at GSMA

"We have learned a lot through our work with Match-Maker Ventures team co-authoring an insight report with them. Their business model is truly innovative and based on an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of corporate-scaleup collaboration."

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