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Dedicated to making scaleup-corporate collaborations simple and successful

Match-Maker Ventures is where innovation meets experience. We are matching scaleups with corporates to realize the 1+1 = 3 promise. Founded by experienced executives in Consulting, Telecom and Financial Services, Match-Maker Ventures has one critical mission: to become the global reference to make scaleup-corporate collaboration simple and successful.

The Match-Maker Ventures team

A highly experienced team combining know-how and network with high spirits.

Attila Keszég

Venture Partner

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Telecom industry in the areas of strategy, business development and innovation.

Petra Valcsev

Senior Manager

Master in international management, strategy and leadership with experience in international marketing.

Aleksandra Zeddies

Executive Assistant

Joerg Zeddies

Venture Partner

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Telecom in the areas of strategy, business development and innovation.

Yuliya Piatachkova


BSc in International Business and prospective MA in International Management and Leadership with background in Administration and Project Management.

Moiz Rehan


Erasmus Mundus master's in Global Studies with expertise in project management, enabling successful collaboration between scaleups and corporations.

Polina Strilchik

Senior Manager

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management with background in Business Development

Edith Taudtmann

Executive Assistant

Professional with more than 30 years experience as an Executive Assistant.

Andreas Bergrem

Senior Manager

Consulting background with Masters in Industrial Economics and Organizational Project Management focused on the telecom and energy sectors.

Heide Baumann

Advisor to the CEO

Experienced transformation leader and seasoned telecoms-, media-, and technology executive. Versatile, creative change maker and business builder. Currently Director Commercial Operations and Executive Committee Member at Vodafone Germany.

Claudia Schättgen

Digital Manager

Professional with work experience from three continents and a strong experience in digital and event marketing.

Bjoern Schaettgen

Chief Growth Officer

More than 15 years of B2B experience in marketing, innovation and business management. Strong drive for entrepreneurship and networking.

Hany Aly

Venture Partner

Seasoned business leader with significant experience in both B2B and B2C business transformation and a passion in telecom technology, fintech, digital transformation, IoT, AI, and many other areas of innovation.

Dilshod Agishev


Financial and Data analyst. MSc in Corporate Finance.

Juan Carlos Harfuch


BA In Economics and Finance with international experience in leadership, financial institutions and technology.

Jean Haguet

Venture Partner

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Telecom and Financial services in the areas of strategy, business development and innovation.

Nigiar Alyeva


BSc in Management and MSc in Marketing with experience in EdTech and project management.

Carlos Rodrigues

VP of Marketing

Professional background in partnership management, business development, and innovation within Telecom, Media and Financial Services. Helping tech startups to scale globally.

Rebecca Van Pamel

Rebecca Van Pamel

Senior Manager

Professional with experience in international partnerships and an interest in fostering connections.

Marek Paczkowski

VP of Business Development & Sales

Professional with relevant experience in the areas of international management and innovation, helping startups to accelerate their growth worldwide.

Matilde Lodolo


BSc in Business and Management and MSc in Marketing.

Nicolai Schaettgen


Founder of Match-Maker Ventures with 12 years work experiences as a Strategy Consultant and Investment professional focused on the Telecoms, Media and Financial Services industry.

Karin Carpentier

Venture Partner

Entrepreneurial leader with +20 years experience in running businesses and international sales organisations across financial services and media/advertising.

Munaa Al Tamimi

Office Manager

A professional with more than 15 years of cross-continental experience in various multi-national organisations.

Michael Hilbert

Venture Partner

Senior business developer with technical skills and knowledge in the financial services sector.

Our values

We set the highest expectations in ourselves and
adhere to a distinct set of values in our everyday work.


Our people

Bring a can-do attitude,
be curious and
take risks.


Our culture

An environment of trust, empowerment and appreciation of diversity.


Our team

We respect and support each other to grow individually and as a team.


Our spirit

We enjoy the ride,
work hard and
jointly celebrate success.

Our global reach

Our network of Match-Makers based across
the globe provides industry expertise and
access to the world's largest corporations.

Meet our Match-Makers
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  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    3 Match-Makers
  • Athens, Greece

    2 Match-Makers
  • Barcelona, Spain

    1 Match-Maker
  • Beijing City, China

    1 Match-Maker
  • Belgrade, Serbia

    1 Match-Maker
  • Berlin, Germany

    3 Match-Makers
  • Bonn, Germany

    2 Match-Makers
  • Brussels, Belgium

    1 Match-Maker
  • Budapest, Hungary

    2 Match-Makers
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

    2 Match-Makers
  • Cologne, Germany

    3 Match-Makers
  • Dubai, UAE

    1 Match-Maker
  • Espoo, Finland

    1 Match-Maker
  • Essen, Germany

    2 Match-Makers
  • Frankfurt, Germany

    1 Match-Maker
  • Istanbul, Turkey

    1 Match-Maker
  • Kiev, Ukraine

    1 Match-Maker
  • Lisbon, Portugal

    1 Match-Maker
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

    1 Match-Maker
  • London, UK

    3 Match-Makers
  • Lyon, France

    1 Match-Maker
  • Madrid, Spain

    3 Match-Makers
  • Mallorca, Spain

    1 Match-Maker
  • Manila, Philippines

    1 Match-Maker
  • Mexico City, Mexico

    2 Match-Makers
  • Miami, USA

    1 Match-Maker
  • Milan, Italy

    2 Match-Makers
  • Paris, France

    3 Match-Makers
  • Prague, Czech Republic

    1 Match-Maker
  • Rome, Italy

    2 Match-Makers
  • San Francisco, USA

    1 Match-Maker
  • São Paulo, Brazil

    1 Match-Maker
  • Seattle, USA

    1 Match-Maker
  • Skopje, Macedonia

    1 Match-Maker
  • Sofia, Bulgaria

    1 Match-Maker
  • Stockholm, Sweden

    2 Match-Makers
  • Sydney, Australia

    1 Match-Maker
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

    1 Match-Maker
  • The Hague, The Netherlands

    1 Match-Maker
  • Valetta, Malta

    1 Match-Maker
  • Vienna, Austria

    11 Match-Makers
  • Warsaw, Poland

    3 Match-Makers
  • Zurich, Switzerland

    5 Match-Makers

Meet our Match-Makers

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Heikki Tallgren

Espoo, Finland

Internationally experienced manager with +20 years of experience in sales, sales management, and marketing of high-technology industrial investment goods and industrial services incl. IoT and cloud services. Also highly experienced in managing high-technology SMEs and working in a startup-world.

Marco Bosma

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Corporate Advisor to Management boards on topics including Business development, Open banking, Innovation management, Fintech investments and collaboration, Blockchain deployment, AI adoption and Digital transformation.

Dieter Weißhaar

Essen, Germany

Experienced Executive and Board Member in the High-Tech Industry based in Essen, Germany with a track record in working for large blue chips tech companies across the globe as well as transforming businesses for investors and shareholders.

Jairo Okret

São Paulo, Brazil

Seasoned professional with experience in major global companies in management consulting, talent management and executive search. 

Jens Wirsching

Vienna, Austria

Highly experienced top manager and strategic advisor in Information Technology and Financial Services industry with a strong business orientation, strategic leadership skills and a proven track record of delivering results.

Francesco Castellano

Milan, Italy

15 years of experience in research, finance, consulting, and business management.

Terry Howard

Manila, Philippines

20 year + background in Technology, Media, Telecom, and Fintech, having held several senior roles in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Hubertus von Roenne

Berlin, Germany

Digital transformation expert with decades of telco experience and strong law and management background.

Anton Verkhovodov

Kiev, Ukraine

Experienced in startup-corporate engagement, match-making, corporate acceleration and innovation strategy in Austria, Germany and Ukraine.

Angel Gyurov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Digital Transformation I Product Development I Telecommunication. Angel is an executive level telco and digital professional with >20 years of experience on international level in Europe and Middle East having held various leading position at companies like Ooredoo Qatar, A1 and Neterra Telecommunications.

Ben Keen

London, UK

Board-level advisor to companies in the Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) space.

Dusyant Patel

Stockholm, Sweden

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and serial CxO executive.

Frank Meywerk

Cologne, Germany

24+ years of experience in the international telecommunications industry (mobile, fixed, cable) – thereof 17 years in executive leadership positions, including C-level, in mainly large corporates.

Christos Binos

Sydney, Australia

Passion for driving bottom-line by aligning objectives, resources and budget between innovative scale-ups and corporates. Critical thinker with a cultivated academic ethos of an evidence-based approach to business, inspired by neuropsychological research.

Paulo Valente

Brussels, Belgium

Experienced manager with a passion for technology and 20+ years of experience. Originally from Portugal, now based in Brussels with a European focus.

Xavier Garay

Mallorca, Spain

Experienced consultant and executive in the telecommunications and technology industries. Led a great number of management consulting projects ranging from strategic plans and innovation to operational improvements. Recently launched a 5G service in the Middle East and was the CEO of Effortel in Spain and Portugal.

Jörg Feldmann

Cologne, Germany

25+ years of experience in sales, marketing & e-commerce related roles (from corporate executive to founder).

Anette Schäfer

Bonn, Germany

Seasoned digital media executive with a 20+ year track record of success formulating strategy and driving development of commercial ventures that reach new markets and generate exceptional profitability.

Oliver Krause

Berlin, Germany

20+ years of experience in business transformation from roles in consulting, corporates & startups.

Daniel Mark

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seasoned (30+ years) consultant in the customer journey for Telco operators. Based in Buenos Aires - Argentina, serving clients in the whole Latin American region, USA and Spain. Career in large global Consulting firms such as PwC, EY and Capgemini. Since 2010, one of two founding partners in a Salesforce System Integrator firm.

Karl Peter Noestler

Beijing City, China

International executive with over 20 years in Telecommunication, Information and Communications Technology Industry.

Thilo Kusch

Bonn, Germany

Board and C-level leader with 30 years of commercial capital market experience with a particular focus on transformation, corporate innovation and restructuring in SME and large companies. Significant international roles include Group CFO, CEO, Chairman and Board member including NYSE listed company.

Jörg Zeddies

Vienna, Austria

Telecommunications business leader. Worked for multinational blue chip companies in developed and emerging markets.

Christian Schimmel

Zurich, Switzerland

Leading role in developing an international trading company with global presence. Profound knowledge of M&A / divestment processes, strategy development and organisational optimisation.

Antonio Schuh

Madrid, Spain

Senior business developer, consultant and lecturer with a background in strategy and innovation.

Laurence Willems

Paris, France

CX and Marketing strategist. Now acting as match maker between insurance startups and incumbent companies. 28 years experience in marketing and business development for European insurance companies with various kind of commercial networks

Riccardo Griglio

Zurich, Switzerland

Senior executive and entrepreneur with 25+ years experience in TIME (Telecommunications, Informatics, Media and Electronics) industries.

Ed Barker

Seattle, USA

Leader with a track record of finding the right solutions to complex market challenges while building new commercial opportunities. Has held various leading positions incl. Head of Strategy and Innovation at GSMA organization representing more than 1,200 players in the telecom and technology ecosystem.

Armando Voets

The Hague, The Netherlands

Digital e-commerce platform initiator, multi-country product management & innovation, international commercial orchestrator of tangible new business development and customer experiences.

Jacek Nieweglowski

Warsaw, Poland

Over 25 years of managerial experience and a professional track record within the mobile industry.

Ali Aidi

Miami, USA

Executive with background in general management, strategy, product management, consumer payments, and business model innovation. Cross-industry, cross-functional, and cross-border experience.

Rudolf Falat

Zurich, Switzerland

FinTech and Tech enthusiast, start-up mentor, adviser, business angel, executive education coach and founder and host of the Voice of FinTech podcast. Furthermore, senior Corporate Finance and Strategy professional with a strong international profile and extensive experience in Financial Services.

Attila Keszég

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian-born professional with 20+ years of experience in FMCG and Telecom industries, with strong leadership, strategy and innovation skills.

Frans-Willem de Kloet

Warsaw, Poland

Technology executive with over 20 years of international experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

Pascal Hohmann

Cologne, Germany

Experience in innovation, business development, digital advertising and media.

Marie Saint-Hubert

Paris, France

Seasoned telecoms and media executive. Technology/Digital Connoisseur. Green Business/Sustainable Development Advisor.

Katharina Koeck

Vienna, Austria

20 year+ experience in International Business, Management, Venture Building within large Corporates, Strategy, Brand and Marketing Planning and Execution.

Philippe Pasquali

Paris, France

C-Level with 30 years of experience in international listed companies dedicated to digital transformation, organizational optimization, business development and innovation. Lecturer in the most prestigious French engineering schools and business schools. Angel investor and start-up / scale-up advisor.

Daniel Heller

Zurich, Switzerland

Over 25 years of experience in Strategic Consulting, Public Affairs, Campaigning, Change Communications, Litigation PR and Governmental Relations. President / member of numerous Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards.

Wolfram Schmidt

Zurich, Switzerland

25 years of experience as an executive, especially in building and growing businesses. Proven track record in developing "game changer" business models and implementing them in new business as well as in developing and implementing growth strategies. Industry experience in e-commerce, ICT, media, financial services and technology.

Lars Schäfer

Lisbon, Portugal

Highly experienced consultant and top-level manager with broad international exposure.

Stefanos Anastasiou

Athens, Greece

20+ years of experience in telecommunications, sales and business development.

Pavel Jirat

Dubai, UAE

15 years in IT and telecoms, digital and media business. Significant experience in developing new markets and establishing local partner channels.

David Haunold

Vienna, Austria

Passionate professional with more than 15 years of experience in business development, sales and digital media, having worked for large media corporations as well as startups.

Suzana Leben

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Highly experienced telco professional with strong innovation and strategic background.

Milena Matic

Belgrade, Serbia

ICT professional with over 20 years of experience.

Michael Bratl

Vienna, Austria

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Negotiation, Banking, Electronic Payments, E-commerce, and Credit Cards.

Georg Serentschy

Vienna, Austria

40+ years experience in Telecom, Media and Technology sector in the areas of strategy, policies, regulatory & spectrum issues, innovation and communication.

Istvan Maradi

Budapest, Hungary

25+ years of experience in executive leadership roles in Telecoms and IT.

Isaac Alegre

Madrid, Spain

International Telecom Consultant and founder partner of ailanthus advance. Extensive business development and sales expertise in several areas, covering Spanish and Portuguese telecoms, utilities and eco-system. Expanding now to Iberoamerica.

Ruediger Koester

Vienna, Austria

Telco executive with over 30 years of international experience in driving innovation and change in technology and in organizations.

Stanislav Kura

Prague, Czech Republic

25 years of experience in board-level top executive positions, management consulting and project management, of which 18 years in telecommunications.

Hande Sozmen

Istanbul, Turkey

Telco executive and skilled professional with strong experience in sales and innovation; has years of experience in large corporations such as Turkcell, Vodafone and Enocta.

Naheem Mohammed

London, UK

20+ years of experience in product management, marketing, and key account development

Roberto Porini

Milan, Italy

Senior executive with a proven track record of winning high levels of business within a competitive market place. Strong experience in a wide range of business contexts and industries, incl. Digital Transformation, ITC, Sales & Marketing, Consulting, B2B, and Startups.

Humberto Romero Lois

Mexico City, Mexico

Dynamic and inspirational manager and executive with 25+ years of experience in global financial corporations. Proven records in driving sales, marketing management, channel and alliances management, diverse innovative product development, and portfolio management in top global companies.

Michael Hilbert

Vienna, Austria

Senior business developer with technical skills and knowledge in the financial services sector.

Florian Brody

San Francisco, USA

Life and leadership coach and creative marketing executive with over 25 years experience.

Thomas Strohmaier

Vienna, Austria

Entrepreneur and Advisor in telecoms and mobility sectors.

Urs Rothmayr

Barcelona, Spain

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consultant, recognized Startup Expert, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, who helps big Corporations launch new products and services using Lean Startup Methodology and Mentorship.

Claudio La Torre

Rome, Italy

12+ years experience mainly in the ICT industry with senior leadership roles in both industry and consulting, Italy and international; areas of expertise include M&A, partnership, strategy and business development, consulting, sales, portfolio management and talent development.

Karl Gorz

Vienna, Austria

18 years management and business-, market-, innovation development experience with high process and organization development in international markets. Focus on Start-ups, Small & Medium Enterprise, as well as Lean Management in Corporate Enterprise.

Raul Martinez

London, UK

Senior executive having held various leading roles like Chief Commercial/Revenue Officer and VP Strategy for multinational telecoms like Millicom in Latin America and Africa. Brings scaleup experience having worked as a Chief Commercial Officer for Upstream to accelerate the growth through market expansion and commercial revamp.

Bernd Würmseer

Berlin, Germany

Executive level professional with 20 years of experience in sales and management holding leading positions in several high growth AI, SaaS and Telco companies

Axel Jester

Frankfurt, Germany

International financial sector executive with over 25 years of experience in financial services, deep knowledge of B2B business.

Jean Haguet

Lyon, France

Digital professional with over 20 years of Consulting and Senior Management experience. Worked mostly in Telecoms and Digital but also explored Energy and Insurance.

Enrique Martinez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

30+ years in senior financial positions at major multinationals with successful track-record of achievements in local and international assignments. Wide range of experience in all areas of Finance and a deep knowledge of the banking system in several countries. As an entrepreneur, personally developed some family businesses in both farm and tourism industries.

Sebastian Hopp

Essen, Germany

Energy-industry senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in large corporations such as RWE, Innogy (20 billion IPO), Bertelsmann, and thyssenkrupp.

Malcolm Ross

Valetta, Malta

40+ years advising, challenging and coaching C-Level telecom-industry executives.

Kostas Stivaros

Athens, Greece

Senior Banking Professional with more than 20 years in Digital Banking and Payments area, focused on Strategy, Business Development and Sales of new and innovative services. Has directed services in Cards, ePayments, Merchant Acquiring (POS/eCommerce), ATM, Payment Kiosks. With experience that surpasses the whole value payments chain, always focuses on researching the proper business models and strategies to assure high growth and sustainable returns.

Arjan van Os

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fintech professional and experienced leader in designing and leading transformation, skilled in envisioning innovative strategies and articulating actionable scenarios

Toot Shani

Tel Aviv, Israel

10+ years of experience in innovation development & strategic collaborations.

Gerald Gruber

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Experienced General Manager with a strategic view and demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Riccardo Delleani

Rome, Italy

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Telco Communications, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Start-ups.

Miguel del Rio Merino

Madrid, Spain

Senior business developer with technical skills and knowledge in business administration, advertising and marketing.

Marta Arsovska Tomovska

Skopje, Macedonia

24 years in ICT - thereof 15 years on C-level positions in IT and telco companies, 7 years as a Government Minister for ICT and 2 years as digital innovation adviser to governments, international organizations and companies.

Michal Paschalis

Warsaw, Poland

Highly experienced in telecommunications, marketing and strategy consulting.

Jorge López Farjeat

Mexico City, Mexico

Experienced Product/Business Development and Marketing Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the Banking and Asset Management Industries, landing innovative products and marketing strategies. Skilled in Management, Business Modeling, Commercial Strategy and Public Relations. Highly interested in any form of disruptive technology, innovation, fintech and musictech.

Jonas Darke

Stockholm, Sweden

Seasoned business development executive with a strong background in business partnering arrangements and in tech M&A. 30+ years of experience from leading positions in the services branch of the Ericsson Group, from CEO roles in leading technology consulting companies in Scandinavia, as well as from different scaleup ventures.

Roland Woerle

Vienna, Austria

Financial services professional. Helping insurers, brokers & MGAs to drive top line growth, improve customer experience, strengthen operational excellence and manage business transformations by delivering impact and results.

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