We scale innovation

We drive short-term, tangible business impact by matching corporations with the right startups!

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Our portfolio of carefully selected startups is ready to create value with and for you. All our portfolio startups passed a thorough validation, are revenue generating and have proven their delivery capabilities.

We accompany the entire matching process: from defining the collaboration rationale, to technical and commercial on-boarding as well as scaling the joint activities. We are looking for supplier-relationship, joint product/innovation partnerships and/or reselling opportunities between our startups and corporations.

(incl. GDPR)

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Protect yourself before consequences pile up.

Become compliant with GDPR or face tremendous fines.

For:Any organization with critical IT infrastructure

For:Banking, Insurance, Telecom

For:Any player with customer login data

For:Banking, Insurance, Telecom


Advertising is going digital.
Take your fair share of this
fast-growing market.


For:Telecom, OEM

For:Telecom, Advertising

Customer Service

Customer comes first.
Identify, attract, convert and delight customers.

For:Banking, Insurance, Energy, Telecom


New tech emerges everyday.
Be ahead of competition - disrupt or be disrupted!

For:Telecom, Media, Video content distributors

For:Banking, Telecom, any player with a large base of mobile app users

We holistically monitor the wider telecom, financial services and media ecosystems and identify startup-corporate collaboration opportunities beyond our current focus domains. We are among others excited about AI-driven applications, AR/VR-solutions, IoT-opportunities and innovative FinTech startups.

Please contact us to learn more.

Match-Making as a Service

We identify, validate and set up value creating collaborations with relevant startups in your fields of interest and according to your capabilities and needs.


Tangible business impact

We identify 1+1=3 relationships and focus on supplier relationships, product/innovation partnerships and reselling opportunities ready to create business impact.


Minimized risk exposure

Our engagement approach does not require a separate program, a separate investment vehicle or large upfront investments - we are ready to start.



We work with startups post proof-of-concept and proof-of-value and combine this with our expertise in defining and bringing collaboration to life.


End-to-end involved

We support the collaboration from initial setup to scaling the operations and our
business model ensures
we walk the talk.

The process

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    Innovation priorities are set and KPIs defined. Knowing what to look for is crucial.

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    We leverage our global footprint to continuously identify collaboration opportunities fulfilling your criteria.

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    Every collaboration opportunity is validated against three main criteria: (1) the field of play, (2) your capabilities and (3) the startups' fit.

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    You benefit from our extensive experience in setting up value enabling collaborations from objectives to operating model.

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    Making it happen is what keeps us going - we will not shy away from getting our hands dirty.

Our engagement models

Pain point /
opportunity driven

You have your priority areas defined? We will help you to translate those into startup requirements and find the right partner(s) to realize those opportunities!

Match-Making partner

We want to become your strategic partner to the startup world. We develop a deep understanding of your needs and capabilities and identify the right opportunities!

Match-Making Advisory

We help you to define the optimal engagement approach, get started and scale your activities.


The optimal startup engagement approach.

We assess different startup engagement models – including your own – with regards to your innovation goals, and develop the best fitting approach to meet your organizational needs.

A step-by-step action guide equips you for a fast paced and successful implementation of the chosen startup vehicle. During execution, MMV collaborates closely with you and your teams, and takes a hands-on approach in delivering against the agreed objectives and KPIs.

Sales excellence

Get the most out-of your startup engagements!

Taking your revenue targets at heart, we equip the startups of your choice with the expertise to closing more sales in a complex B2B world and 
we prepare them with the right go-to-market strategy for conquering new markets and reaching new horizons.

We provide sales training workshops as well as business development workshops for successful sales planning and execution of your startups. Your startups benefits from our years of experience on the field to make them understand and incorporate the success factors for B2B sales work.

Success stories

CRONUS Avi Magid, Chief Revenue Officer

"The innovative business model of MMV and their broad network in the European market is helping us to significantly expand our sales activities in that region.

Their hands-on approach and business understanding has created a business impact within short period of time and we are looking very optimistic to a fruitful collaboration in the future."

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Daimler Financial Services

MMV was asked to provide best practice experiences on startup collaboration and help to align the approach.

- Defined vision and accompanying KPIs for the startups engagement;
- Aligned roadmap with roles and responsibilities defined;
- Best practice learning and insights.

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EyeOnID Daniel Söderberg, CEO

"Our company, EyeOnID has strongly benefited from MMV’s hands on-approach over last couple of months. Thanks to the thorough sales acceleration process, we strengthened our value proposition and significantly improved our sales efforts.

In addition, MMV team is continuously taking a proactive role and support our sales activities worldwide."

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GSMA Maxime Bayen, Senior Insights Manager at GSMA

"We have learned a lot through our work with Match-Maker Ventures team co-authoring an insight report with them.

Their business model is truly innovative and based on an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of corporate-start-up collaboration."

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A1 & AdScanner Helmut Prattes, Media Business at A1 Group

"MMV was supporting the close cooperation between A1 and AdScanner right from the start.

Joint efforts in product development, PR and sales have established high awareness for AdScanner on the advertising market."

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OptInk Philip Kügler, CTO at OptInk

"Without Match-Maker Ventures and its vast network, it would have been impossible for us to develop so close to our customers.

We were in regular and close contact with decision makers and technical experts of our potential customers even before our organisation was fully established.

Due to this constant customer exposure we were able to adapt our product to their immediate needs."

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