Lifemote helps Community Fibre increase customer satisfaction

Case Studies 24. June 2021.

The Company

Community Fibre is a London broadband company exclusively serving the residents and businesses of London. The company rolls out and operates its own dedicated 100% full fibre network with its fibre optic cables ensuring maximum speed, reliability, and efficiency. Community Fibre brings fast broadband at a fair price to over 200,000 homes.

The Goal

To further follow its mission to offer the most reliable and affordable internet connection in London, Community Fibre has been looking for a partner to increase the visibility of Wi-Fi problems inside customers’ homes allowing to offer best-in-class customer service that will solve customers’ issues with the blink of an eye and improve overall customer experience.

The Solution

In order to achieve this goal of an increased problem visibility, Community Fibre has partnered with Lifemote to implement the company’s highly innovative Wi-Fi analytics solution and roll it out to customer devices in the field to detect and fix occurring problems more efficiently. Lifemote’s analytics solution will help Community Fibre to (a) proactively fix any problems before customers realize and complain by continuously analyzing and optimizing the service, and (b) resolve customer issues better when interacting with the customer by having clear insights into the customer’s problems at hand and consequently utilizing these insights to generate relevant and tailored solutions.

The Main Results

In the initial weeks of the partnership, Community Fibre has already observed promising results with an increased rate of first-call problem resolution, deep insights into the customer’s issues at hand, and positive customer reaction based on a series of proactive initiatives to fix their issues before they realize and complain.


"Lifemote’s highly innovative solution takes us a big step forward in our journey to offer the best broadband experience to everyone. Although we are still in the initial weeks of our partnership, we can already experience the significant impact Lifemote’s solution has on our business, ranging from increased customer experience and satisfaction to cost reductions.

Match-Maker Ventures has been an incredible partner in this journey supporting the process end-to-end with their highly sophisticated knowledge in the telco industry."

Peter Rampling, Chief Commercial Officer at Community Fibre

About Lifemote

Lifemote provides a Wi-Fi analytics platform enabling ISPs to proactively and reactively fix customer Wi-Fi issues – one of the main issues for poor customer experience today. Solving problems such as Wi-Fi channel congestion, coverage holes, misplaced repeaters, and defective gateways leads to significant cost reduction while notably increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn. Furthermore, Lifemote provides additional insights to help sales organizations identify the right up- and cross-sell candidates, leading to higher sales conversion. Currently, Lifemote is deployed in >1.5 Mio homes and trusted by a range of ISPs from as big as Tier 1 players like Telia Norway and Türk Telekom to smaller regional ISPs in Norway and the Netherlands.


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