Unveil the hottest trends and subdomains where leading industry players are focusing on

Events 5. July 2023.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where collaboration drives innovation and market leadership, corporates and scaleups are seeking new frontiers to thrive together.

But what are the key areas where leading market players are focusing their efforts to stay relevant and propel their success?

Match-Maker Ventures recently hosted a webinar on June 28th, unveiling the hottest top trends, technologies, and subdomains where corporates and scaleups collaborate to stay at the forefront of innovation.

With the help of first-hand accounts and real-world examples coming from a carefully curated panel of regional experts, Match-Maker Ventures shared valuable insights and real-world examples regarding the latest trends, technologies, and subdomains that are shaping the future of telecommunications. From AI and Big Data to digital customer experience, AR/VR, and IoT, the webinar provided a platform for in-depth discussions on how collaborations can create a significant impact in the telecom industry.

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Match-Maker Ventures recently hosted a webinar on June 28th, unveiling the hottest top trends, technologies, and subdomains where corporates and scaleups collaborate to stay at the forefront of innovation. Watch on demand

Our speakers

The webinar brought together a distinguished panel of representatives from leading corporates and scaleups in the industry. The speakers included:

  • Jose Pedro Carvalho Teixeira, Director of Product Management at NOS SGPS
  • Remus Radvan, Head of Venture Strategy at Wayra UK
  • Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at MATRIXX Software
  • Samir Tahraoui, Co-Founder and CEO of LabLabee

What are the most popular subdomain for collaboration and technological advancements?

When asked to choose the hottest trend among AR/VR technologies, the future of connectivity, Big Data and AI, and digital user experience, the speakers provided their perspectives.

Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at MATRIXX Software, highlighted the significance of digital user experience and emphasized the collaboration between telecom ecosystem players to open up networks and empower users and small enterprises. She stated, “Where we see the most collaboration right now is on how to open up the network and put more control in the hands of users and small enterprises, which make up the telecom ecosystem.”

Samir Tahraoui, Co-Founder and CEO of LabLabee, emphasized the acceleration of new connectivity technologies such as IoT, private networks, 5G, and edge computing, acknowledging the importance of education for telcos to achieve these targets.

Jose Pedro Carvalho Teixeira, Director of Product Management at NOS SGPS, recognized the potential of AI, highlighting how corporates are not fully leveraging it and emphasizing the role of scaleups specializing in AI and their ability to help telcos maximize its potential. He also mentioned the opportunities in the AR/VR ecosystem, as corporates often lack the incentive to invest in it.

Remus Radvan, Head of Venture Strategy at Wayra UK, emphasized the significance of digital user experience acknowledging the extensive digital transformation process it entails as well as the buy-in and allocation of resources and highlighted the importance of data and AI in making telcos more efficient and showing a clear return on investment. In addition, he mentioned how, through collaborations in the AR/VR domain, telcos have the opportunity to re-establish a relationship with customers. He explained, “Telcos have lost the race with mobile phones and hyper scaleups in controlling app interfaces, but with scaleup collaborations, they can establish their space and re-create a trusted relationship with customers.”

How to best onboard and leverage partners operating in these areas?

Sharing their perspective on onboarding and leveraging partners operating in these trending areas, the speakers mentioned the following best practices:

  1. Take a case-by-case approach: When dealing with partners and touching core processes, Jose Pedro Carvalho Teixeira and Remus Radvan both highlighted the importance of considering each situation individually. By working within frameworks and assessing factors such as technology used, market disruption, and integration, telcos can effectively leverage partners to drive success.
  2. Invest in education and expertise: To adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape, Samir Tahraoui stressed the need for telcos to invest in education and acquire the right expertise and tools by collaborating with scaleup partners.
  3. Evaluate project importance and long-term impact: Jennifer advised scaleups to carefully evaluate the significance of their projects to corporate and assess the potential for their initiatives to become long-term projects that bring tangible benefits to both parties.

Can telcos compete with hyperscalers?

One of the thought-provoking topics discussed during the webinar was the extreme innovation pressure of hyperscalers on telcos and the need to develop compelling solutions to captivate customers and encourage their involvement.

If on one hand Jennifer Kyriakakis and Remus Radvan emphasized the importance of telcos learning from hyperscalers and finding ways to offer even more attractive solutions, on the other Jose Pedro Carvalho Teixeira acknowledged the differences between telcos and hyperscalers. “We can’t forget that rules and responsibilities are different, they cannot be compared. There are some areas that telcos can’t reach as they are not ready to take the risk and collaborating with scaleups allows them to explore these areas as scaleups are more inclined to embrace risks and take on responsibilities.

Furthermore, Remus Radvan mentioned how telcos should focus on enabling more mobile virtual network operators as a service to overcome the challenges of launching private virtual networks.

How to maximize the impact of Corp-Up collaborations?

Engaging in collaborations between scaleups and corporates can yield significant benefits for both parties. Here are some key insights and advice from the webinar speakers:

  • Building strong references while embracing timing challenges: While collaborating with corporates can take longer, it can provide scaleups with valuable references that can boost their business and enhance credibility in the market.
  • Shaping products and strategic roadmaps: Working with corporates allows scaleups to benefit from their expertise in product shaping and strategic planning, enabling them to align their offerings with market demands.
  • Leveraging existing capital: Corporates can tap into the venture capital market, which has already invested in top products and teams, to access the necessary capital for development and expansion.
  • Finding the right match: Both corporates and scaleups should focus on finding the perfect match in terms of expertise, capabilities, and alignment of goals, as this synergy is critical for successful collaborative efforts.

Wrap up 

To sum up, the webinar provided valuable insights into the latest trends and collaborations driving innovation in the telecommunications industry. From digital user experience to data and AI, telcos are actively seeking partnerships with scaleups to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By embracing collaboration and leveraging the expertise of their partners, telcos can navigate the evolving landscape, compete successfully, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the digital era.

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