The race to startups: How to benefit from startups’ innovation power to drive immediate business impact?

Our research 3. January 2017.

Innovation has evolved sustainably over the past years. It has never been easier to set up a business, to launch a product or service, and to directly address global markets. The consequential startup boom has forced corporate leaders to reflect on this phenomenon when forming their strategies.

Unfortunately as yet, few corporate leaders confirm an initially positive RoI from their startup activities. The central question remains: How to benefit from startups’ innovation power to deliver a more immediate business impact?

In this brief perspective, we want to share our experience; we will demonstrate how corporates cannot only participate profitably in the startup boom, but realize tangible business benefits from their startup engagements. We will place special emphasis on the “Business Accelerator” as a “startup quick start” – valuable for even the most inexperienced corporate.

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