The Age of Collaboration III Deep Dive

Free resources 20. April 2023.

Unlocking Corp-Up value in the financial services industry

In 2022, Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D. Little surveyed nearly 800 corporates and startups in 85 countries to understand the ongoing developments in the world of Corp-Up. This deep dive is the first in a two-part series taking a closer look at the Corp-Up landscapes of the financial services and telecommunications industries with the results of our recent research; this first report will focus on the financial services industry.

Why read this report?

For collaborators in the financial services industry, the stakes of getting Corp-Up right could not be higher: with higher interest rates, uncertain macroeconomic developments, and widespread public concerns over the state of the industry after the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank, there is strong pressure to increase cost savings, boost efficiency, and access new revenues.

What’s more, our results suggest that collaborators in this industry who do engage in Corp-Up get even better results than collaborators in other industries, leading us to wonder – why wouldn’t a corporate or startup in this industry want to collaborate?

Overall, our findings show that this powerful collaboration vehicle is already firmly established in the financial services industry – and if collaborators can leverage the insights from successful collaborators to navigate key challenges, they can derive considerable impact.

Readers will come away with an understanding of the outstanding results already seen by financial services collaborators, their most pressing challenges and how to overcome them, and the value derived from Corp-Up by leading financial services collaborator Raiffeisen Bank International in an extensive case study.

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