Schaman’s advanced automation drives success for MÁSMÓVIL Group’s technical support

Case Studies 1. August 2023.

The Company

MÁSMÓVIL Group is an operator that has led growth in Spain in recent years with more than 14 million customers, offering services such fixed line, mobile, Internet and television to private customers, companies and operators, through its main brands Yoigo, MÁSMÓVIL Group, Pepephone, Llamaya, Lebara, Lycamobile and Virgin Telco and its local brands Euskaltel, R, Telecable and Guuk.

Since 2019, it has been present in Portugal with its Nowo brand, with which it offers landline, mobile and broadband services to residential customers.

The Group has its own fixed fiber, ADSL and 3G and 4G mobile network infrastructures. In addition, it has more than 550 cities and municipalities to which it already offers 5G services.

The Challenge

As MÁSMÓVIL Group grew into Spain’s fourth-largest telecommunications group, their technical support teams encountered significant challenges. Managing multiple systems, processes, brands, and technologies, made it difficult to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

A key decision was whether to wait for system consolidation before automating customer service or to initiate automation alongside the ongoing consolidation.

The Solution

To expedite the automation of service processes, MÁSMÓVIL Group partnered up with Schaman, an AI/Self-orchestration technology focusing on three key objectives:

  1. Implement a unified automation system, for technical assistance across all brands and call centers
  2. Shift agent management culture to guided, automated resolutions on a single screen
  3. Ensure transparent communication to agents and clients about corporate system changes

The Main Results

In just a few weeks, Schaman’s technology enabled MÁSMÓVIL Group to offer advanced diagnostic capabilities and automated root cause resolution to call center agents, IVR, and digital channels. The power of root cause self-orchestration yielded impressive results:

  • Customer ticket reduction by 44%
  • 85% improvement in the homogeneity of care
  • Reduction to 5 days of training for new technicians all with a significant acceleration in the convergence of quality ratios

Moreover, this success facilitated the development of a culture of constant improvement as new automated root cause situations were continuously detected and introduced.

In just a few weeks, Schaman's technology enabled MÁSMÓVIL Group to offer advanced diagnostic capabilities and automated root cause resolution to call center agents, IVR, and digital channels.

About Schaman

Schaman is a technology company that develops advanced customer service products from the perspective of automating the diagnosis and resolution process, maintaining a focus on root cause discovery, comprehensive management of the customer journey until final resolution, and opening wide possibilities towards predictive and proactive diagnosis. The Schaman application suite has been selected by top-tier telecommunications operators such as MásMóvil, Vodafone, Claro and Entel, among others, to accelerate the transformation of their clients’ operations and is allowing them to achieve double-digit improvements in the main indicators quality and efficiency of care processes.

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