Scaleup insights: The ever-increasing value of Corp-Up

Free resources 15. March 2023.

Through global disruptions like COVID, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and war, the innovation power of startups has proven itself to be here to stay. Nevertheless, after the record growth spurt of VC funding in 2021, 2022 has shaped up to be a tougher investment environment for startups, making collaboration all the more crucial as a source of funding.

Startup innovation is the response to global crises

Following the novel disruptions and economic changes of the past years, the appetite for agile, innovative solutions grew exponentially, with entrepreneurship and VC investment skyrocketing in 2021.

Collaboration takes on higher significance today

Even as the pandemic seemed to be waning, the latest global developments and harsher economic circumstances of 2022 threw economies into further disarray and spiked inflation with VC investments consequently slowing again. To face this different reality, startups are now forced to consider noninvestment funding sources and collaboration is becoming the answer more and more.

Collaboration fosters your sustainable growth

With a more focused consciousness of collective threats following recent market disruptions, the funding criteria also changed, with a larger interest towards more sustainable, later stage companies with proven business models. For those who are lucky enough to attract funding in this more selective environment, there is growing pressure to use their funds wisely and make them last longer – and Corp-Up is one way for them to access the all-important cashflow needed to keep such a young business afloat.

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