Free resource: Your scaleup’s guide to successful corporate collaborations

Free resources 8. February 2023.

Drive your scaleup to better B2B sales using global best practices

Collaborations between scaleups and corporates are challenging – that’s why we made you this free guide to drive your scaleup to better B2B sales and better corporate collaborations overall.

In 2022, we asked nearly 800 startups and corporates about the challenges and success factors that impact their collaborations. We wanted to make the world of Corp-Up collaborations – or collaborations between startups and corporates – easier, more efficient, and more impactful. Using the perspectives of these leading collaborators around the world, we have consolidated this FREE checklist to help guide your scaleup’s collaborations with corporates. 

You need this guide if you have ever wondered:

  • How can I improve my corporate collaboration strategy?
  • Am I getting my B2B sales timing right?
  • What do I need to prepare before approaching my corporate customers?
  • How do I validate the best corporate customers for my business?
  • How can I leverage relationships with my customers to achieve greater success?
  • What role should partnerships play in my sales process?

….and much more!


You’re not alone: Get dedicated support from corporate-scaleup collaboration experts

Match-Maker Ventures has been empowering successful collaborations between high-growth tech scaleups and innovative corporates since 2015. We provide dedicated, end-to-end support to our selective portfolio, helping to both maximize the impact of their go-to-market and connect them with their future customers. We work hand-in hand as a strategic partner, increasing your collaboration success and boosting your revenues by leveraging our network of 130+ senior industry experts with direct C-level access.

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