Reflecting on a year of innovation – “Mastering Corp-Up with Industry Experts” webinar series

Events 13. December 2023.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to look back at the remarkable journey we’ve embarked on with our webinar series, “Mastering Corp-Up with Industry Experts.” Over the course of six engaging episodes in 2023 and one in late 2022, we’ve delved into the trends and challenges of successful scaleup-corporate collaborations across various sectors, extending our exploration from telecom to cross-industry synergies and beyond.

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Episode 1 – Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos: Maximizing the impact of collaborations in the telecom sector

In our inaugural episode in September, we focused on the telecom industry’s Corp-Up collaborations. Industry experts from A1 Austria, Wayra Germany, and Lifemote Networks shared best practices for scaleups, offering valuable insights on approaching leading corporates and ensuring impactful collaborations.

Episode 2 – Mastering Corp-Up with Banks – Leverage the Metaverse to enhance customer experiences

Our January episode explored the banking sector, with a spotlight on Metaverse business opportunities. Featuring Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Elevator Ventures, and rooom, we discussed leveraging the Metaverse to drive innovation and enhance customer experiences.

Episode 3 – Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos – Unleashing the potential of 5G and immersive technologies

In March, we returned to telecom, exploring the potential of 5G and immersive technologies. Corporate and scaleup partners such as KPN, Ooredoo Qatar, and PicUP shared experiences, providing strategic guidance on embracing these technologies for innovation, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.

Episode 4 – Mastering Corp-Up with Banks – Capturing ESG opportunities for end customers

Our May episode delved into the banking industry again, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) opportunities. Partners like Santander, FinTech Circle, Fyndoo, u impact, and ecolytiq shared expertise on leveraging Corp-Up collaborations for sustainable practices and value creation.

Episode 5 – Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos – Hottest trends in the telecom industry

In June, we unveiled the hottest trends in the telecom industry, covering AI, Big Data, digital customer experience, AR/VR, and IoT. Distinguished speakers from NOS SGPS, Wayra UK, MATRIXX Software, and LabLabee provided valuable insights and real-world examples.

Episode 6 – Mastering Corp-Up cross-industry – Unleashing the power of open innovation

September brought a deep dive into cross-industry collaborations, exploring their significance, challenges, and successes. Representatives from OTP Bank, Eyeonid Group AB, ESGgo, Verizon, and TIM Italy shared insights on making scaleup-corporate collaborations succeed.

To capture all the essence of our discussions, together with some best practices for both scaleups and corporates, we shared our Exclusive Open innovation report – DOWNLOAD HERE.

Episode 7 – Elevating Telecom with AI – Exploring AI innovations & industry trends with telecom and scaleup leaders

In November, we concluded the year with a focus on AI-powered innovation in telecommunications. Industry leaders from Bouygues Telecom, Orange Spain, and Schaman shared exclusive insights into AI innovations and industry trends.

To capture the latest AI developments in telecom and how scaleups can best position their solution to telco players, we shared our Exclusive AI report – DOWNLOAD HERE.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming webinar series in the next year, where we will continue to unravel the key success factors of Corp-Up, with a significant focus on the ever-evolving landscape of the telecom industry. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey of exploration and learning!


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