PicUP transformed how Vodafone Portugal calls its customers

Case Studies 5. April 2023.

The Company

Vodafone is a global telecommunications company which presents a wide range of services that are distinctive across markets. Vodafone Portugal is a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction, with a nationwide network coverage connecting 3.7 million homes and businesses as well as 4.5 million customers with its mobile network.

The Challenge

With the increase in customer expectations, Vodafone Portugal was facing challenges in achieving desirable response rates and ensuring a positive customer experience. In addition, the impossibility to identify the caller’s identity when it comes to Vodafone’s outbound calls was creating frustration for customers and represented a missed opportunity for clear brand identification.

As a consequence, Vodafone Portugal was searching for ways to deliver exceptional service experiences and digitalize its outbound call journey.

The Solution

By implementing PicUP’s AI-based campaign optimization platform, Vodafone Portugal was able to enhance its customer experience by delivering visually optimized and branded calls with digital and personalized messages. Vodafone leveraged the new digital outbound call experience to drive more effective upselling and cross-selling campaigns.

The main results

Using PicUP, Vodafone Portugal saw strong improvements to its KPIs in its upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Overall, customers were more likely to answer the phone when they were presented with the digitalized experience from PicUP, they were more likely to be available to talk with the call agent, and they were much more likely to buy from Vodafone through PicUP’s digital journeys.

In particular, upselling campaigns saw a staggering 43% increase in sales, and cross-selling campaigns saw an even more impressive 67% increase in sales. Further results of Vodafone Portugal and PicUP’s impactful collaboration, including increases to answer rate and availability, are shown below.


PicUP’s technology creates a new digital experience for our customers, and helps us improve customer (and agent) satisfaction, and most importantly, working with PicUP helps us significantly increase our outbound sales.

Ana Margarida Martina, Telemarketing Manager at Vodafone Portugal

About PicUP

In comparison to the digital sales channel, and the physical channel, the incoming phone call experience is an intrusive and outdated experience for consumers. PicUP is an AI-based visualization, optimization, and personalization platform for outbound calls. PicUP’s unique patented technology enables contact-centers to dramatically increase sales, be more efficient, gain higher trust, keep their branding, values, look and feel, and improve overall CX.  How? We add a personalized digital layer to outbound calls and connect digital channels to the phone call interface of the recipients. By empowering human callers with digital abilities, PicUP helps businesses to create phone calls that combine the best of both voice and visual worlds. The result is a communication experience we humans are just wired to enjoy.

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