Match-Maker Ventures partners with PicUP to transform the way corporates call their customers

News 28. April 2022.


Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) announced today a strategic partnership with PicUP, the AI-powered optimization and personalization platform for outbound sales and CX calls. Through this partnership with the industry-agnostic high-growth tech company, Match-Maker Ventures will enable telecom and financial services companies to digitalize and optimize their outbound customer calls like never before, boosting sales efficiency and increasing conversion through interactive, enjoyable customer call journeys.

“In the digitalizing world, it is paramount for corporates to leverage all channels at their disposal to maintain customer attention and engagement,” said Match-Maker Ventures Chief Growth Officer Björn Schättgen. “While other channels like apps and web interfaces are digitally optimized, the medium of calls has been largely left behind, failing to meet consumer expectations of modern user experience. PicUP changes that: with personalized call screens to give customers a branded, convenient, digitalized experience, PicUP is truly the future of calling. We are excited to partner with PicUP and help them to expand their market presence because we are convinced that any corporate looking to achieve real omnichannel customer experience and improve their outbound communication would receive extensive benefits from this powerful solution.”

MMV will serve as a strategic partner for PicUP’s market expansion through its HQ expertise and the help of its network of 130+ senior industry experts around the world.

“Our goal at PicUP is to transform phone channel communications by adding personalized digital layers to the voice channel,” said PicUP CEO Lior Shacham. “We have already proven that telcos, financial services companies, insurers and other B2C companies can boost their sales, improve their contact center efficiency, and dramatically improve customer experience by calling their customers with digital, branded & personalized messages based on our smart AI-based platform. We are excited to kick off this partnership with Match-Maker Ventures, who will enable us to bring our top-tier calling experience to more leading brands around the world. With their global network and industry expertise, they are the ideal partner to enable our growth in our target markets.”

The solution offered by PicUP will complement MMV’s growing portfolio of technology solutions in the telecommunications and financial services industries, which is already enabling corporates around the world to innovate through the power of collaboration.


About PicUP

In comparison to the digital sales channel, and the physical channel, the incoming phone call experience is an intrusive and outdated experience for consumers. PicUP is an AI-based visualization, optimization, and personalization platform for outbound calls. PicUP’s unique patented technology enables contact-centers to dramatically increase sales, be more efficient, gain higher trust, keep their branding, values, look and feel, and improve overall CX.  How? We add a personalized digital layer to outbound calls and connect digital channels to the phone call interface of the recipients. By empowering human callers with digital abilities, PicUP helps businesses to create phone calls that combine the best of both voice and visual worlds. The result is a communication experience we humans are just wired to enjoy.

About Match-Maker Ventures

Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) drives tangible business impact by matching the innovation power of high-growth tech companies with the assets of large corporates. Our thoroughly vetted portfolio scaleups have proven their value through 100+ impactful collaborations across 50+ countries in telecom, financial services, e-commerce, and beyond. Our global network of 130+ senior industry experts enables us to identify the best-fitting solutions for the dynamic needs of organizations, creating “perfect matches” by leveraging our network’s combined industry expertise. Through a match-making process, MMV ensures the right partners collaborate in the right way at the right time.

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