PicUP transformed how Claro Ecuador calls its customers

Case Studies 28. June 2022.

The Company

Claro is a connectivity, communication and Information Technology solutions company
which provides a wide range of telecommunication services. Claro Ecuador is the leading
MNO in the region, serving millions of subscribers in different fields such as mobile, landlines
and wireless connections.

The Challenge

Claro Ecuador was facing challenges related to outbound calls, which were failing to deliver
in terms of both customer experience and KPI performance.
Not being digitally optimized, Claro’s outbound calls were creating frustration for customers
who could not know the caller’s identity when Claro tried to reach its customers. This
outdated communication with clients was jeopardizing sales, and represented a missed opportunity for clear brand identification .
As a consequence, Claro Ecuador was searching for ways to deliver exceptional service experiences and digitalize its outbound call journey. 

The Solution

By implementing PicUP’s AI-based campaign optimization platform, Claro Ecuador was able
to enhance its customer experience by delivering visually optimized and branded calls with
digital and personalized messages.

The Main Results

Using PicUP, Claro Ecuador saw strong improvements to its KPIs in several use cases,
including sales of new lines, equipment, HFC GPON plans, and cross-sales. The client was
able to increase the sales of new fixed lines by 65%, of additional product lines (cross selling) by 8%, of mobile devices and home services by 105%, and of optic fiber plans and coaxial cables (HFC & GPON) by 27%. Further results of Claro Ecuador and PicUP’s impactful collaboration are shown below.


“PicUP’s services are a game changer. Thanks to their technology we managed to grow our sales, and improve both customer experience and our manpower satisfaction. “

David Pow Chon Long - Contact Center Manager at Claro Ecuador

About PicUP

In comparison to the digital sales channel, and the physical channel, the incoming phone call
experience is an intrusive and outdated experience for consumers. PicUP is an AI-based
visualization, optimization, and personalization platform for outbound calls. PicUP’s unique
patented technology enables contact-centers to dramatically increase sales, be more
efficient, gain higher trust, keep their branding, values, look and feel, and improve overall
CX. How? We add a personalized digital layer to outbound calls and connect digital
channels to the phone call interface of the recipients. By empowering human callers with
digital abilities, PicUP helps businesses to create phone calls that combine the best of both
voice and visual worlds. The result is a communication experience we humans are just wired
to enjoy.


Additional Information

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