MYX helped a leading telco operator optimize tower management with 70% cost optimization and 85% time saving

Case Studies 8. September 2022.

The Company

The Client is an Operating Company of a leading telecommunication provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 4.2 million customers.

The Challenge

The Client was using traditional manual on-site inspections which were causing numerous challenges and inefficiencies within the tower planning and management processes.

Given the involvement of a team of certified professionals and the utilization of manual tools and specialized equipment, the data gathered during the inspections was often incomplete and/or inaccurate, resulting in various internal issues and inefficiencies, including an inadequate network coverage.

As a consequence, the Client was searching for an innovative solution for cell tower site inspections, gathering of relevant data for equipment on each site as well as storing and accessing the respective data.

The Solution

The Client leveraged drone technology and MYX’s AI algorithms to virtualize and digitalize their sites and make them easy to manage remotely. Additionally, the assessment of their legacy documentation was combined into the digital platform to create a single source of truth.

The Main Results

After digitalizing and automating their physical asset management with MYX Robotics’ 3D digital twins, the Client saw strong improvements in its tower management processes.

In particular, by eliminating the need for qualified personnel to perform risky on-site activities and expensive equipment, the Client achieved a more efficient tower management with 70% cost optimization and 100% reduction in Health and Safety (H&S) risks.

In addition, the fully automated process ensured 100% accuracy and predictability as well as an 85% delivery time improvement.

An overview of the main results of the collaboration can be seen below.


About MYX

MYX AD is a technology company focused on developing software solutions for management of large-scale asset networks, combining digital twin technology with AI-powered analytics. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, MYX services clients internationally, with a particular focus on the telecom sector. Other industries that MYX is disrupting include bridge, road and tunnel inspection and maintenance, renewables, and smart cities. MYX’s founding team consists of six members who come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing together unique expertise in a diverse set of business areas. To date MYX has closed two investment rounds with the latest funding announced in June 2022.

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