Join us in supporting Ukraine: An open letter from Match-Maker Ventures Headquarters

News 11. March 2022.

In the wake of recent events in Ukraine, our headquarters team would like to share our support and invite all in our network to join us in providing aid to those who need it.

The following open letter expands on our company’s response to the ongoing war. Read more to find out how we are helping, and how you can join in.

Statement from MMV CEO Dr. Nicolai Schättgen

The war in Ukraine, just a few hundred kilometers away from our Headquarters in Vienna, has shocked us all. Living in our safe bubble, we still cannot comprehend how the actions of one single person can bring so much pain, devastation, and destruction to millions of people every day. While we cannot feel the pain of those effected, we will try our best to help those in need.

Our immediate plans to provide support are explained below. In addition, going forward, we plan to establish a program to provide our services on a pro bono basis to startups and scaleups from Ukraine – more on this in due time.

The war also has clear implications for our business activities. While we are small compared to the multinational corporations that have taken similar steps, many small pieces form a strong and powerful front. Hence, we have already stopped all ongoing and any planned business activities in Russia and Belarus. This will hold true for as long as the situation has not fundamentally changed.

Lastly, we do want and need to stress that we do not hold any resentments against individual Russian or Belarusian nationals – and we encourage others to draw this same distinction. As we personally have many friends and colleagues from these countries, the above measures are painful in that they will of course impact people who do not deserve this. Unfortunately, the situation does not allow any alternative.

Statement from MMV VP of Marketing Carlos Rodrigues

MMV’s company values encourage our team to “bring a can-do attitude” and “appreciate diversity.” It was without surprise that we saw our team immediately coming together to come up with ideas to support the people of Ukraine. While we’re aware of many incredible initiatives and organizations, we’ve decided to support Volkshilfe’s Vienna Support Center for Ukraine.

Volkshilfe has established an information and support hub for those in need. Among other things, they distribute emergency packages (e.g. food, blankets, hygiene items, medicines), offer social support for those affected to better cope with the traumatizing situation, and organize emergency shelter for refugees.

As a team, we believe actions speak louder than words and that every contribution counts, no matter its size. We will therefore be helping Volkshilfe by raising donations of needed materials, as well as volunteering at their center to support the different services they provide to those in need. Reach out to us if you would like to support or donate!

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