Apply to participate in the 2023 Network X pitching events!

Events 4. September 2023.

Now is your chance to participate for FREE in the 2023 Network X pitching events – apply below to be considered!

What is the event?

Network X is an extraordinary opportunity for scaleups in the telecom industry to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and gain recognition from leading telcos on a global stage.

The ConnectFrance Innovation Day taking place at Network X will feature the pitches of the most innovative French scaleups across selected telco domains, and the Match-Maker Ventures global pitching event at Network X will feature the pitches of innovative international scaleups.

As the co-organizers of the conference’s Innovation Day and organizers of the global pitching competition, Match-Maker Ventures is offering the opportunity for exceptional scaleups like yours to take part in this global event.

Why should you participate?

Scaleups who are selected to participate in the Network X pitching events will receive free entry for up to two members of their team at the Network X conference from October 24th-26th in Paris, France. All participants will receive the opportunity to pitch their company to leading players in the telecom industry, including global telcos.

The company with the winning pitch will be awarded a free exhibition stand at next year’s Network X conference.

You won’t want to miss out on this event – apply today!

Who should apply?

Companies wishing to take part in the pitching events at Network X must be relevant for at least one of the following domains in the telecom industry:

  • Fixed-Line network operations (FTTx, Green Fibre and ESG, Telco Transformation)
  • Wireless network operations (5G World, 5G RAN Evolution, Telco Public/Hybrid/Multi-Cloud)
  • B2B and B2C proposition (Connected Smart Home, 5G Enterprise Services, AI and Automation)

In addition, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be founded after 2013 
  • Have fewer than 200 employees
  • Have a working product with proven initial customers in the telecom industry
  • Be able to attend the 2023 Network X conference in-person in Paris, France from October 24th-26th

For eligibility in the ConnectFrance Innovation Day, participating companies must also have a presence in France. This criterion does not apply to participates in the Match-Maker Ventures global pitching event.





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