Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos: Unleash the potential of 5G and immersive technology

Events 28. February 2023.


With 5G and immersive technologies creating new use cases and business models that are transforming the telecommunication industry and ecosystem, telcos need to explore new and more dynamic ways of selling connectivity to consumers through immersive experiences.

And what better way to foster innovation than through scaleup-corporate collaborations?

How can corporates leverage the scaleup-powered innovation to unlock the potential of the latest technologies to innovate and enhance customer experience? And how can scaleups best steer these collaborations to achieve maximum impact?

Join Match-Maker Ventures’ webinar “Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos: Insights on how to leverage scaleup-corporate collaborations to unleash the potential of 5G and immersive technology” on March 22nd 17.30 CET.

We will bring together representatives of leading telcos to examine the key success factors on scaleup-corporate collaborations (Corp-Up) and share valuable takeaways on how to master Corp-Up in the telecommunication industry.

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