Mastering Corp-Up with Industry Experts – the webinar series unveiling the key success factors of collaborations

Events 26. May 2023.

Since its launch last September, Match-Maker Ventures’ webinar series, “Mastering Corp-Up with industry experts,” has been paving the way for successful scaleup-corporate collaborations within the telecom and banking sectors.

With 4 engaging episodes already aired, this webinar series has provided valuable insights into leveraging scaleup-corporate collaborations and unlocking the immense potential of emerging technologies.

As we look back at the thought-provoking discussions and expert presentations, we invite you to join us and stay tuned for the upcoming episodes, where we will continue to explore the key success factors of Corp-Up.


Let’s recap the remarkable journey so far!

Episode 1 – Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos: Maximizing the impact of collaborations in the telecom sector

In September 2022, our inaugural episode focused on the telecom industry ‘s Corp-Up collaborations. The main focus of the webinar was to provide best practices for scaleups on how to best approach leading corporates in the telco industry and ensure business impact from scaleup-corporate collaborations is created.

Together with our panel of expert speakers from A1 Austria, Wayra Germany, and Lifemote Networks we explored the major pain points and challenges scaleups are facing nowadays, providing insights on how to overcome them in the most effective way. The content of the session was especially meaningful for scaleups operating in the telco sector who are struggling to set up collaborations with corporates and made it beyond the experimentation phase.

Episode 2 – Mastering Corp-Up with Banks – Leverage the Metaverse to enhance customer experiences

Given the success of the first and our broad audience with different interests, we decided to launch in January a second episode focused on the banking sector exploring increasingly important topics such as the recent trends including Metaverse business opportunities. With the participation of leading corporates and scaleups including Raiffeisen Bank International AG , Elevator Ventures, and rooom, attendees gained valuable insights into harnessing metaverse’s capabilities to drive innovation and enhance customer experiences.

Episode 3 – Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos – Unleashing the potential of 5G and immersive technologies

In March, we turned back our attention to the telecom sector and its thriving Corp-Up collaborations. The episode, titled “Mastering Corp-Up with Telcos: Insights on how to leverage scaleup-corporate collaborations to unleash the potential of 5G and immersive technologies,” shed light on the impact of 5G and immersive technologies on the telecom industry’s future. Corporate and scaleup partners like KPN, Ooredoo Qatar, and PicUP shared their experiences and provided strategic guidance on embracing these technologies to foster innovation, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.

Episode 4 – Mastering Corp-Up with Banks – Capturing ESG Opportunities for End Customers

In May, we returned to the banking industry for our latest episode, “Mastering Corp-Up with Banks: Leverage Corp-Up collaborations to capture ESG opportunities and make it work for your end customers.” This insightful session explored the role of Corp-Up collaborations in addressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges. Distinguished partners and leading innovators in the field such as Santander, the FinTech Circle, Fyndoo, u impact and ecolytiq shared their expertise on leveraging Corp-Up collaborations to implement sustainable practices and create value for end customers.

Looking Ahead: Save the Date!

The “Mastering Corp-Up with industry experts” webinar series has been a remarkable journey thus far, bringing together leading corporate partners, industry experts, and professionals to explore the key success factors of startup-corporate collaborations. With insightful discussions on topics like metaverse, 5G, immersive technologies, and ESG opportunities, our webinars have provided actionable insights and strategic guidance to leverage Corp-Up collaborations effectively.

We’re excited to announce that more enriching sessions are on the horizon. Join us as we continue to unlock the potential of Corp-Up and empower you to drive innovation and growth within your organization.

To stay connected for the latest updates and participate in our upcoming webinars, make sure to mark your calendar for the next episode on June 28th!

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