Mastering Corp-Up with Banks – key success factors on how to master startup-corporate collaborations

Webinars 25. January 2023.

The financial services sector is always at the forefront of digital transformation, with banks and FinTech constantly changing their value chain structures, embracing new technologies and digital services and adjusting their business models accordingly. To stay competitive and relevant and achieve sustainable growth, many organizations engage in startup-corporate collaborations (Corp-Up). By bringing tangible business impact, Corp-Up is the most used and least stopped collaboration and innovation vehicle.

But how to best harness the value of Corp-Up? How to leverage the power of collaborations to create long-term shareholder and stakeholder value in the banking industry?

Match-Maker Ventures recently hosted a webinar on the key success factors of startup-corporate collaborations in the banking industry: Mastering Corp-Up with Banks.

With the help of first-hand accounts and real-world examples coming from a carefully curated panel of regional experts, Match-Maker Ventures explored increasingly important topics such as the recent trends surrounding the financial services sector, the Metaverse business opportunities, the key success factors to maximize the impact of startup-corporate collaborations, and much more!

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Our speakers

To discuss the best way companies can make sure collaborations in the banking industry are bringing impact to their business, we brought together representatives of leading corporates and scaleups to share their perspectives on the topic, including the Managing Director at Elevator Ventures Maximilian Schausberger, the Product Owner for Retail Innovations at Raiffeisen Bank International AG Jürgen Schiefer, and International Sales Manager at rooom Johannes Ködel.

What did we talk about?

The main focus of the webinar was to explore the latest trends of the financial services sector and the dynamics of the startup-corporate collaboration ecosystem, together with the main challenges, providing insights on how to overcome them in the most effective way.

What did we learn?

  1. Metaverse is the next frontier of banking to transform customer engagement
  2. To create real value in Corp-Up real customer problems must be addressed
  3. Goal alignment is the first step towards a successful collaboration
  4. A clear definition of resources and capacities involved makes all the difference!
  5. The right sponsorship is key to a successful collaboration
  6. A set of clear and clustered use cases helps adding value to a project
  7. Business cases are essential to forecast the potential impact of a solution
  8. Laws and regulations should always be on your radar!

Let’s wrap up!

In conclusion, to thrive in a highly volatile financial services industry and grasp new business opportunities brought by the Metaverse, banks and FinTech need to adopt new business models and unveil novel digital services at a rapid rate. One way to achieve achieve sustainable growth and create long-term shareholder and stakeholder value is to engage in Corp-Up (startup-corporate collaborations).

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