Leverage Corp-Up collaborations to capture ESG opportunities and make it work for your end customers

Events 19. May 2023.

ESG is the talk of the town in the financial services industry, with banks exploring different ways to unlock new business models and values. But how exactly does it translate into actual benefits for end customers?

Match-Maker Ventures recently hosted a webinar on May 17th, unveiling the secrets of leveraging scaleup-corporate collaborations to seize ESG opportunities and create unmatched value for end customers.

With the help of first-hand accounts and real-world examples coming from a carefully curated panel of regional experts, Match-Maker Ventures shared insights on the latest trends and developments of financial services and delivered though-provoking discussions on the topic of ESG and its impact on the banking sector!

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Match-Maker Ventures webinar series "Mastering Corp-Up with Banks": How to leverage Corp-Up to unlock ESG opportunities

Our speakers

To discuss the best way companies can make sure collaborations in the banking industry are bringing impact to their business, we brought together representatives of leading corporates and scaleups to share their perspectives on the topic, including the Managing Director at Santander Bank Polska Tycjan Bielecki, the CEO of FinTech Circle Susanne Chishti, the Head of Global Clients at Fyndoo Dimitry Oosthoek, the CEO & Co-Founder at u impact Lesley Li, and the CEO & Co-Founder of ecolytiq Ulrich Pietsch.

Speakers of "Mastering Corp-Up with Banks": How to leverage Corp-Up to unlock ESG opportunities

What did we talk about?

The main focus of the webinar was to explore the latest trends of the financial services sector and the dynamics of the startup-corporate collaboration ecosystem, together with the main trends and challenges, providing insights on how to overcome them in the most effective way.

What did we learn?

  1. ESG is becoming is becoming crucial for banks and financial services institutions. It is not only a regulatory requirement but also a business imperative.
  2. Companies are competing to be more effective in ESG and drive long-term impact for customers. There is both supply and demand for ESG initiatives.
  3. When it comes to ESG, the global regulatory landscape is demanding more transparency regarding companies’ activities and plans, including short-term goals.
  4. The best way to seize ESG opportunities is to be proactive and take steps ahead of regulations.
  5. ESG should be seen as an opportunity to deliver extra value to customers. Banks should identify customers’ needs related to sustainability and develop solutions and product features that align with those needs.
  6. Financial institutions play a significant role in the ESG space: they are seen as role models for other industries in terms of adopting sustainable practices and should leverage their position to drive change and help transition to a sustainable economy.
  7. ESG initiatives can provide tangible benefits to customers such as access to sustainable transportation options, charging stations, carbon footprint calculators, and rewards based on sustainable behaviors.
  8. ESG is becoming a buying factor for consumers. More attention is being paid to the ESG offerings of banks and customers are more likely to switch to institutions that align with their values.
  9. The ESG scaleup ecosystem is expected to grow, particularly in the area of data. The human factor and behavior science will also play a significant role in shaping ESG initiatives.
  10. Measuring success in innovation can be done through factors such as customer satisfaction, new customer acquisition, and the ability to adapt to market changes.

Let’s wrap up!

In conclusion, the webinar highlighted the growing importance of ESG for banks and financial services institutions, both as a regulatory requirement and a business imperative. In relation to this, scaleup-corporate collaborations were emphasized as instrumental to capturing ESG opportunities and meeting the evolving needs of customers.

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