Community Fibre rolls out Lifemote for best internet subscriber connectivity experience

Case Studies 20. August 2021.

Lifemote, a leading provider of cloud-based AI-driven Wi-Fi Analytics, in partnership with Match-Maker Ventures, the expert on corporate venturing and scaleup-corporate collaboration, and Community Fibre, an internet service provider (ISP) dedicated to bringing better broadband connectivity to London, today announced the availability of fully rolled out innovative Wi-Fi analytics solutions in the field.

Community Fibre, who have been looking for a solution to increase the visibility of Wi-Fi problems and offer best-in-class customer service, today uses Lifemote to proactively fix any problems before subscribers complain and reactively provide better solutions faster when interacting with subscribers. The joint Lifemote – Community Fibre proactive taskforce, leveraging years of experience and best practices, highlights home network issues. For example, homes in need of extra mesh nodes are identified, along with those with misconfigured retail devices and those overusing 2.4GHz. The taskforce then intervenes in order to ensure all such subscribers use Wi-Fi in the most smooth and efficient way. This approach both increases customer satisfaction and deflects support calls preemptively.

About Lifemote

Lifemote is a SaaS platform for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which uses AI to  identify and fix home WiFi issues, and enables ISPs with various snapshots and insights** to get clear visibility of subscribers’ home WiFi QoE. Adopting Lifemote allows ISPs to provide fast and effective customer support, resulting in high subscriber satisfaction and reduced cost of customer ownership. Lifemote technology also allows ISPs to better target upsell, and more effectively deploy new hardware to those subscribers in greatest need.

Low integration, fast launch and working with any CPE vendor places Lifemote in a favored position in the market especially for ISPs with multi-vendor deployments. Lifemote is deployed in more than 1.5 Mio homes and trusted by a variety of ISPs ranging from large Tier 1 operators such as Telia to regional ISPs in Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.

About Community Fibre

Community Fibre is an award-winning broadband provider, exclusively serving London’s residents and businesses. With up to 3Gbps already available to residential homes and 10 Gbps for businesses, Community Fibre is committed to serving London by operating the fastest 100% full-fibre broadband network.

Community Fibre was named the UK’s best Consumer Internet Service Provider at the Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) Awards 2020 and the Operator of the Year at World Communication Awards 2020. Community Fibre was also recognised by customers as the #1 ranking internet provider on Trustpilot.

About Match-Maker Ventures

Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) drives tangible business impact by matching the innovation power of high-growth tech companies with the assets of large corporates. MMV’s network of 120+ industry experts enables them to identify the best-fitting solutions for the dynamic needs of organizations. Match-Maker Ventures selective portfolio comprises of 15 scaleups with impactful deployments across 50+ countries in banking, insurance, telecommunications, e-commerce and beyond. Through a thorough match-making process, MMV ensures the right partners collaborate in the right way at the right time.

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