Key Takeaways from “Building on 5G-Advanced Use Cases – Preparing for MWC Barcelona 2024”

Events 28. February 2024.

Nowadays the vast potential of 5G technologies often remains untapped within the telecom industry – scaleups holds the key to bridging this significant gap by empowering corporations to fully leverage the transformative power of 5G.

But how can scaleups effectively position their solution to resonate with telco players?

Match-Maker Ventures recently hosted a webinar on the key themes at MWC 2024 Barcelona with a focus on the latest telecom trends connected to 5G development: “Building on 5G-Advanced Use Cases – Preparing for MWC Barcelona 2024”.

With the help of first-hand accounts and real-world examples coming from a carefully curated panel of regional experts, we explored a variety of topics, from 5G-Advanced use cases, key trends, benefits and insights for scaleups on how to best position their innovative solutions in the 5G landscape, empowering corporates to fully leverage the transformative power of this game-changing technology.

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Our speakers

To discuss 5G Advanced use cases and strategies for optimal positioning we brought together representatives of leading corporates to share their perspectives on the topic, including the Products, Services, Devices & Strategic Partnerships Director at Orange España Rafael Perez, the Former Chief Strategy Officer at GSMA, SVP Strategy at Verizon Consumer Group, VP Strategy at Orange Group, and now Partner at Match-Maker Ventures Daniel Gurrola and the former CEO of Telenor Montenegro and Telenor Hungary, CVP Business Exploration at Telenor Asia, CEO of WOM Chile, and now Senior Representative at Match-Maker Ventures Christopher Laska.

What did we learn?

  1. Global 5G deployment status and the development disconnect: Despite widespread 5G deployment across many countries (approximately 50% of countries globally have launched 5G, covering about 25% of the global population) , there’s a gap between infrastructure readiness and the development of advanced use cases, indicating untapped potential in the market.
  2. Challenges and opportunities for operators: Telco operators face financial and resource constraints, emphasizing the need to prioritize 5G investments and collaborate with innovators and scaleups for new use cases
  3. Integration of AI and high-speed networks for innovation: Integration of AI, fast compute, and high-speed networks offers opportunities for immersive experiences like VR, AR, enhanced location-based services, and improved customer experiences
  4. Open gateway initiative: The GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative aims to unleash 5G’s potential by providing developers access to network capabilities through APIs, opening avenues for new services and solutions
  5. The “Great missed opportunity”: Despite 5G’s capabilities, many users haven’t seen significant differences from previous generations, highlighting a missed potential for revolutionary applications
  6. Need for innovation and shift in the approach:  Developers and scaleups are urged to innovate and create value using 5G’s low latency and high bandwidth for immersive experiences and novel applications. Operators must transition from connectivity providers to active collaborators, understanding specific use cases and business needs for effective solutions.

Best practices for scaleups on how to best prepare for MWC Barcelona 2024:

  1. Understand market needs: Conduct thorough market research to identify opportunities for leveraging 5G technology and develop targeted solutions addressing specific pain points.
  2. Collaborate and network: Build partnerships with telco operators, industry experts, and stakeholders to access resources and showcase innovative solutions at events like MWC Barcelona.
  3. Focus on innovation: Develop innovative use cases harnessing 5G technology, exploring emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and edge computing to create differentiated offerings.
  4. Demonstrate value proposition: Clearly articulate the value proposition, showcasing tangible outcomes or benefits of solutions, including ROI and potential impact to attract partners and investors.


Let’s wrap up!

In conclusion, by embracing collaboration, innovation, and a clear focus on addressing market needs, we can unlock the full potential of 5G technology and pave the way for transformative experiences and solutions in the digital era.

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