Insights from TM Forum DTW2023

Events 22. September 2023.

This year’s TM Forum Digital Transformation World (DTW) event in Copenhagen, held from September 19th to 21st, brought together industry leaders and innovators to explore the future of telecom.

Match-Maker Ventures Chief Executive Officer Nicolai Schättgen had the pleasure to participating in this global telecom industry event and contributing to an insightful panel discussion titled “Telco-startup collaboration for future readiness.”

Let’s dive into the key takeaways from DTW 2023, highlighting the industry trends that telecom companies should focus on to stay ahead.

  1. GenAI – The next frontier in telecom

One prevailing theme at the event was the transformative power of AI in the telecom industry. Many telecom companies acknowledged their current use of AI, while others candidly admitted they were still in the process of adopting this ground-breaking technology. Harmeen Mehta from BT Group painted a compelling picture, referring to AI as the “tipping point of the AI revolution” and suggesting that it could unlock a billion-dollar for BT. However, the full impact of AI in telecom remains a promise, with its true value yet to be fully realized.

  1. Urgency of transformation

Nik Willetts set the stage with a wake-up call by declaring a state of “code red” in the telecom industry. He highlighted the urgent need for transformation, stressing that the industry has no more than three years to prepare for growth. While collaboration was emphasized as a crucial enabler of transformation, as stressed by Allison Kirkby from Telia, it’s not just about transforming but also about how the transformation is executed.

  1. Scaleup collaborations

Another significant highlight of the event was the panel discussion “Telco-startup collaboration for future readiness” where Match-Maker Ventures CEO Nicolai Schättgen had the pleasure to shed light on the importance of startup-corporate collaboration together with a dynamic line-up of industry experts, including Alessandro Santoro from Sunrise GmbH, Emelie Frisk from Telia, and Julio Prats from Match-Maker Ventures’ portfolio scaleup, Schaman. The consensus was clear: collaboration with scaleups matters, even though it comes with its share of challenges. Industry leaders can play a pivotal role in guiding such collaborations, offering valuable insights and learnings.

Let’s wrap up!

To sum up, TM Forum DTW2023 was a hub of ideas, innovations, and industry insights. From the promise of AI to the urgency of transformation and the relevance of scaleup collaborations, the event offered a glimpse into the future of telecom. As we navigate this transformative landscape, it’s clear that collaboration and innovation will be our guiding lights.

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