Match-Maker Ventures helped EyeOnID with European expansion

Our clients 10. November 2017.

Match-Maker Ventures helped EyeOnID with European expansion


As a part of its sales strategy, EyeOnID approached MMV to help them prepare the European expansion and take the lead in its sales efforts in continental Europe.

The overall objective was to prepare the company for expansion and create business impact by matching them with corporates.


MMV run EyeOnID through its sales acceleration process, when during series of workshops, prepared the company for sales by shaping its business around topics such as: problem scoping, target industry assessment, USP validation, Value Proposition definition for each customer groups, pricing model and many others.

In consequence, MMV is continuously leveraging its network and match-making EyeOnID with big organizations from industries like Telcos, Financial Institutions & Insurance to generate quick business impact.


(1) Go-2-market strategy and top-notch sales documents.

(2) On-going discussions with 10+ big corporates about potential partnership with EyeOnID.

“Our company, EyeOnID has strongly benefited from MMV’s hands on-approach over last couple of months.

Thanks to the thorough sales acceleration process, we strengthened our value proposition and significantly improved our sales efforts. In addition, MMV team is continuously taking a proactive role and support our sales activities worldwide.”

Daniel Söderberg, CEO at EyeOnID

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