Corporate insights: The ever-increasing value of Corp-Up

Free resources 21. February 2023.

With global disruptions like COVID, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and war leading to harsher economic circumstances, collaborating with startups took on higher importance for corporates, highlighting needs for agility, flexibility, and innovation.

Collaboration makes you agile and competitive

The economic vicissitudes of the past three years have changed the priorities of large corporates, creating a greater urgency to innovate and stay agile in the face of sweeping changes. By exposing corporates to diverse approaches, agile solutions, and a mindset that is willing to challenge the status quo, startup-corporate collaborations (Corp-Up) are the right way to stay competitive & relevant and achieve sustainable growth.

Collaboration makes you efficient

With a more focused consciousness of collective threats following recent global developments and market disruptions, the concept of efficiency took on higher significance for corporates. Among the many benefits coming from collaborating with startups and scaleups, corporates can tackle the opportunity to achieve gains in efficiency, a crucial adjustment in times when less is more.

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