Corp-Up love story: Lifemote and A1 Austria

Case Studies 22. June 2023.

Discover how MMV portfolio scaleup Lifemote and A1 Austria transformed their collective experience into an unforgettable success story!

In the world of business partnerships, there are success stories that go beyond the typical case study and fall into an extraordinary narrative which can be likened to a love story.

The tale of Lifemote, a promising Match-Maker Ventures portfolio scaleup, and A1 Austria, the leading telecom provider, is one such story. Their journey together can be likened to a love story, with each step bringing them closer to a successful partnership: dating, engagement, marriage and counseling.

Step into the enchanting world of this real-life, fully scaled Corp-Up collaboration case study and discover how this extraordinary partnership maximized business impact and transformed their experience into a captivating success story.

  1. Dating – Finding the perfect match

Like every remarkable love story begins with a captivating dating experience, the collaboration between Lifemote and A1 Austria embarked on a journey of finding the perfect match. But how did they find each other?

Clemens Böhmer, Care Tribe Lead at A1 Telekom Austria AG revealed how the telecom operator embarked on an introspective analysis, carefully examining their needs and pain points and searching for a solution that would address their specific challenges. To follow its mission to offer the best possible network experience and strengthen its fixed network offerings, the Austrian telecom giant was looking for a partner to increase the visibility of Wi-Fi problems inside customers’ homes and solve issues with the blink of an eye, improving overall customer experience.

It was during this search that Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) came into play, with its role of a digital cupid, matching the corporate with the Lifemote’s innovative solution – AI-driven Wi-Fi analytics platform empowering ISPs to proactively and reactively fix home Wi-Fi problems and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Eren Soyak, CEO and Co-Founder at Lifemote explained how MMV became crucial for accelerating their sales activities and maximizing the impact of their go-to-market strategy. By leveraging Match-Maker Ventures network of 100+ global industry experts with direct C-level access to leading corporates in the telecom sector, Lifemote was able to connect with their ideal partner and ensure their solution was perfectly aligned with A1 Austria’s needs and goals.

  1. Engagement – Validating the opportunity

Every love story features a moment of epiphany, a realization where the respective parties come to the conclusion that they have found “the one.” A1 Austria and Lifemote reached this “engagement” stage through a collaborative and transparent engagement process. To ensure their compatibility, they proceeded with a Proof of Concept (PoC) and field trial where they tested the platform capabilities on a select number of devices, exchanging critical feedback to validate their synergy. Clemens underlined the importance of establishing strong references with Lifemote’s existing customers and fostering open and transparent conversations during this pivotal stage. It was during this process that a remarkable moment occurred – A1 Austria proactively reached out to Lifemote with questions and follow ups, demonstrating their unwavering belief in Lifemote’s legitimacy and recognizing the immense potential of their partnership.

  1. Marriage – Nurturing and prioritizing the partnership

To ensure a thriving partnership, both parties recognized the need for the right mindset, cultural alignment, and prioritization of collaborative activities.

In particular, the following aspects were outlined by both Clemens and Eren:

  • For corporates: Cultivating a corporate culture and mindset that values and embraces collaborations with scaleups/startups
  • For corporates: Streamlining procurement processes to avoid unnecessary complications
  • For scaleups: Ensuring cross-functional alignment with the wider organization beyond the initial point of contact and champion
  • Both: Establishing clear and measurable KPIs to measure customer satisfaction and value
  1. Counseling – Friendly advice for other partners

Reflecting on their journey together, Eren and Clemens offered advice for other companies embarking on similar partnerships:

  • Eren advocated for a long-term mentality and professionalism, ensuring that the partner’s satisfaction remains a top priority.
  • Clemens encouraged patience, as partnerships often require time to flourish. He advised high-growth companies and scaleups to create realistic cash flow plans to accommodate the longer timeline such collaborations may demand

To sum up, the love story between Lifemote and A1 Austria demonstrates that successful corporate partnerships are built on finding the right match, mutual commitment, nurturing the relationship, and maintaining a long-term perspective. By following their footsteps and embracing the principles of compatibility, patience, and prioritization, other companies can create lasting and mutually beneficial alliances in the business world.

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MMV Corp-Up day

In May 2023, Match-Maker Ventures was thrilled to kick off our highly anticipated MMV Corp-Up day event bringing together top industry leaders, as well as many of our Match-Makers and portfolio scaleups for a day of collaboration and innovation.

It was during the event that Clemens Böhmer, and Eren Soyak, shared their invaluable insights and industry expertise. 

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