Corp-Up: It’s bigger than you think – best practices on how to ensure maximum impact from collaborations

Webinars 5. December 2022.

Collaborations between startups/scaleups and corporates (Corp-Up) create a strong impact for both parties helping them achieve sustainable growth, long-term shareholder value, and key innovation activities. According to research, active use of Corp-Up translates to business impact and that is why Corp-Up is the most used and least stopped collaboration and innovation vehicle.

But how can companies ensure maximum impact from their collaborations? What processes do they have to implement to understand the relationship between Corp-Up and financial impact?

Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D. Little recently hosted a webinar on the key success factors to maximize the impact of startup-corporate collaborations and keep track of progress: Corp-Up – It’s bigger than you think!

With the help of first-hand accounts and real-world examples coming from a carefully curated panel of regional experts from across industries, we explained how the impact created by Corp-Up is much bigger than people think, especially when companies have clear goal-setting and structured measurements of the innovation impact.

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Our speakers

To discuss the best way companies can make sure collaborations are bringing impact to their business, we brought together representatives of leading corporates and scaleups to share their perspectives on the topic, including the Chief Executive Officer at American Tower Germany Philipp Riederer, the Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK Emanuele Volpe, the Chief Operating Officer at rooom Gürkan Ünlü and the Co-Founder of Mod5r Jubran Alshahrani.

What did we talk about?

The main focus of the webinar was to provide best practices on how to ensure the maximum impact from collaborations and keep track of progress. Together with our panel of expert speakers from American Tower Germany, DTEK, rooom, and Mod5r we explored the dynamics of the startup-corporate collaboration ecosystem, together with the main trends and challenges, providing insights on how to overcome them in the most effective way.

What did we learn?

1. The Corp-Up ecosystem is more mature

2. Financial impact today is sizeable, projected to grow, and bigger than you think!

3. Potential value of Corp-Up is lost along the way but if you put effort, it pays off

4. The right partner makes all the difference!

5. The right people need to be on board

6. Keep it simple is the key to make a collaboration project successful

7. The innovation function is essential to bridge the gap between corporates and startups

8. Win hearts and minds along the journey with concrete facts

9. Educating corporates is not easy and this is where partners come into play

Let’s wrap up!

In conclusion, Corp-Up is bringing tangible impact for both parties, with proven market traction and funding for startups/scaleups and agility and flexibility for corporates. However, to win the race and extract its full value, Corp-Up needs to be taken seriously across companies, with clear and structured measurement approaches and dedicated internal processes. The future of Corp-Up is bright!

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn more!

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