What 2022 has in store for Match-Maker Ventures’ portfolio: Open letter from Chief Growth Officer Björn Schättgen

News 13. January 2022.

Match-Maker Ventures Sourcing looks back on 2021 and sets its targets for 2022 new portfolio scaleups

As Match-Maker Ventures grows year by year, our portfolio continues to evolve with the needs and trends of our focus industries. In 2021, we were delighted to welcome several new and groundbreaking solutions to our scaleup portfolio, including mce Systems, Glassbox, APIAX, LigaData, and Boosteroid, all of which have proven to be highly relevant and in-demand for our corporate partners. It has been a joy to contribute to these companies’ expansion this past year and to continue to serve the rest of our portfolio as we work towards creating a world where business collaborations have no borders.

Now, as we begin moving into this exciting new year and considering the possibilities that 2022 has to offer, we will continue to expand and are keen to talk to the next top-notch solutions for our focus industries – telecom, banking, insurance, and e-commerce.
We will diversify our offering to maximize our impact and value contribution, including different collaboration models with several delivery options. This will allow us to consider more dedicated, customized collaboration proposals.

And while unexpected disruptions, like new Coronavirus variants, continue to play a part across the globe, we remain committed to finding and thoroughly vetting the best tech scaleups to help our corporate partners move past any obstacle and realize the full potential of innovation through collaboration.

Our offering for portfolio scaleups

What’s more, we see that the value for scaleups to join us is stronger than ever before. With the new year starting and many scaleups beginning to set and execute their strategic growth plans, we want to invite scaleups in our focus industries to join us and leverage our experience and network of senior industry experts to meet their targets. With many critical industry events upcoming, and with our team forming more matches and uncovering more strategically relevant connections every day, we have a chance to hit the ground running and create strong impact together in 2022. 

Click here to read more about our work with our portfolio scaleups.

Do you have what it takes?

If this sounds interesting for you, we may want to hear from your scaleup, especially if you meet our eligibility criteria. While scaleups of all kinds can prosper, our years of experience in our focus industries have made clear that the following criteria are crucial for our corporate customers. We believe that we can find joint success if your scaleup has:

  • Relevance – solving a need in one of our focus industries (especially in telecom, banking, insurance, and e-commerce)
  • Scalability – in your solution, your business model, and your operations
  • Maturity – with a later funding stage and proven, ongoing sales traction
  • Ease of implementation – enabling partners to create impact with your solution quickly

Does this sound like you or a scaleup you know? You can find out more about our criteria and submit your application online here. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at sourcing@match-maker.ventures. We look forward to a successful 2022, and we hope you can be a part of it.




Björn Schättgen, Chief Growth Officer



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