Reflecting on 2021 and kicking off 2022: Open letter from Match-Maker Ventures CEO & Founder Dr. Nicolai Schättgen

News 5. January 2022.


Wrapping up 2021 and stepping into 2022

2021 is a wrap, and it is time to reflect on all that we’ve learned and how we intend to grow in 2022.

Business is hard, and starting a business almost always ends in failure – so, how was our 2021 at Match-Maker Ventures?

2021 brought some challenges – but was still a good year for MMV

We met with a few challenges: we fell short of one of our targets for overall revenue growth; did not raise any external funding (which was initially planned, but we ultimately decided against it); we lost some big deals; we did not receive a subsidy that we applied for; and, on a personal level, some heavy stones fell on me.

Still, there were many positive events that keep us certain of our momentum into a successful 2022.

We sped up our business once again – from +35% in 2020 to +55% in 2021 – I can see the hockey stick coming.

We more than doubled our team and remain leaders in diversity: our HQ team comes from 12 countries and 4 continents – I love that!

We grew our Match-Maker Network once again with amazing professionals joining us from Argentina, Mexico, the US, all across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and more, making our network of senior industry experts 120+ strong and growing.

We gained the trust of many new exciting tech companies that have joined us in creating a world where business collaborations have no borders (mce Systems; APIAX; Boosteroid; Glassbox; LigaData). This gives us a lot of fuel and power to tackle 2022 with just as much conviction and passion.

2022 is set to be a year of expansion in many areas

We will…

.. strengthen our position in Europe, expand in the Middle East and LATAM, and be turning an eye towards Africa (super exciting – see also Africa: The Big Deal)

… continue to introduce technology into our business, and we will once again revolutionize how we do business from the ground up in 2022

… almost double our team in 2022 again to be able to specialize our teams and ultimately drive efficiencies

… be “on target” (for the first time:-)) achieving a very healthy 2.4X in 2022

Beyond business

On a personal level, I continue to be thankful for what I have and to live up to my life motto, “Good things happen to good people.” I will try not to be driven by FOMO, but by the passion in what we do, and to draw energy from the positive spirit of everyone around me.

Last but not least, I extend my respect and best wishes to all entrepreneurs out there. I read a study on the mental health of entrepreneurs conducted by Dr. Freeman (a renowned Professor in entrepreneur mental health issues), and I felt astounded to learn that 72% of entrepreneurs self-reported mental health concerns, 49% reported having a mental health condition, with depression being the most prevalent issue (30% vs. 7% in the general population). So, take care of yourself, and best of luck to everyone!




Dr. Nicolai Schättgen



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