Match-Maker Ventures partners with Boosteroid to bring top-notch cloud gaming platform to the telecom sector

News 26. January 2022.

Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) announced today a strategic partnership with Boosteroid, the international cloud gaming company providing B2B partners (including telecom operators) with a unique, top-notch cloud gaming platform for their customers to enjoy.

Through this partnership, Match-Maker Ventures will enable telecoms to both expand their service offerings to customers and move into the future of cloud native technology with Boosteroid’s cross-platform, ultra-low-latency gaming offering the top titles on any device in just two mouse clicks.

“We see a strong demand for cloud gaming solutions, and Boosteroid stands far above the rest,” said Carlos Rodrigues, Vice President of Marketing at Match-Maker Ventures. “Cloud gaming in general offers clear value to casual and serious gamers alike – and what sets Boosteroid apart in this space is its custom, gaming-optimized server infrastructure, developed in partnership with global tech players including ASUS, Intel, AMD, and Huawei to ensure smooth gameplay and avoid expensive dependence on public clouds. For telecom operators, this means the opportunity to efficiently offer their customers the best possible experience, with the potential to both boost new revenues and lift core revenues for services like premium internet. That is why we want to expand Boosteroid’s presence on the market: operators and customers have much to gain from this outstanding service.”

MMV will serve as a strategic partner for Boosteroid’s international expansion with the help of its network of 120+ senior industry experts around the world who truly understand current telecom industry trends.

“Cloud technology is bringing massive transformation across industries, and gaming is no different,” said Boosteroid’s Managing Director, Mr. Dejan Puzic. “We believe telcos, VoD/OTT providers and many other B2B partners have a lot to gain from this transformation, and so do their customers. We are excited to partner with Match-Maker Ventures to bring this top-tier gaming experience to more partners around the world. Their global network and industry expertise makes them the ideal partner to grow our presence in our target markets.”

The solution offered by Boosteroid will complement MMV’s existing portfolio solutions in the telecom sector, further strengthening the company’s offerings in one of several key focus areas.

About Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a leading cloud gaming provider powered by one of the largest and most sophisticated networks of GPU-server infrastructure in the world, with 12 server hubs across Europe and the launch of 8 more in the US in Q1 of 2022. Leveraging this infrastructure, Boosteroid enables easy cloud-based access to PC video games across devices and operating systems, including smart TVs, where users can run PC games without consoles. The service was launched in 2019 and has become one of the very few commercially successful cloud gaming businesses expanding globally.

About Match-Maker Ventures

Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) drives tangible business impact by matching the innovation power of high-growth tech companies with the assets of large corporates. Our thoroughly vetted portfolio scaleups have proven their value through 100+ impactful collaborations across 50+ countries in telecom, banking, insurance, e-commerce, and beyond. Our global network of 120+ senior industry experts enables us to identify the best-fitting solutions for the dynamic needs of organizations, creating “perfect matches” by leveraging our network’s combined industry expertise. Through a thorough match-making process, MMV ensures the right partners collaborate in the right way at the right time.

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