Baqend helped Orsay turn page speed into their competitive advantage

Case Studies 20. April 2021.

The Company

Orsay is one of Europe’s largest fashion retailers with more than 700 retail stores in 34 countries. Aside from their brick-and-mortar stores, Orsay also successfully runs 10 online shops with more than 25 million visits per month in their major European markets.

The Goal

With its online shops across major markets and a significant customer base, Orsay wanted to achieve the best possible User Experience, especially in light of the Core Web Vitals initiative by Google.

The Solution

Orsay chose Baqend’s Speed Kit to achieve this goal. Speed Kit was easily integrated into the Orsay Salesforce Commerce Cloud stack. To suit the needs of a complex architecture across various European countries, the performance engineers at Baqend created a customized configuration of Speed Kit which helped to achieve the maximum performance uplift for Orsay’s websites. The effects of Speed Kit were noticeable from the start and helped Orsay to turn page speed into their competitive advantage.

The Main Results

The implementation of Baqend’s Speed Kit allowed Orsay to significantly increase the loading speed of it’s website as well as further important KPIs.

Verified Results

Since Speed Kit is implemented via a JavaScript tag in the HTML template, the tool can be A/B-tested. Therefore, Baqend was able to show the exact improvement that Speed Kit delivered in all relevant web performance metrics, including the Google Web Vitals like Largest Contentful Paint and First Contentful Paint. In the case of Orsay, the A/B-Test was performed in a number of countries and all of them showed similarly impressive performance improvements, proven with scientific methods and statistical significance.


"The performance improvements delivered by SpeedKit are truly impressive. The websites are loading noticeably quicker. The Baqend team showed great expertise and experience in working with our Salesforce Commerce Cloudsystem. The scale-up to all of our websites across Europe accelerating millions of users happened flawlessly and without additional efforts."

Rudolf Orth, Head of E-Commerce at Orsay

About Baqend

Baqend is helping companies “perform better online” by accelerating the website loading time. As a university spinoff with years of research, Baqend has developed a unique algorithm enabling them to accelerate the loading time of websites by a factor of 2-3X with minimal effort. They are currently live on 7,000 websites and serve over 100 million unique users monthly.


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