Baqend significantly increased the loading speed of Carhartt WIP’s global online stores within one week

Case Studies 20. July 2021.

The Company

Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP) has its origins in Europe as a spin-off of the original Carhartt workwear brand from the US. Offering street wear styles to subcultures like skating, graffiti, hip-hop, or BMX, Carhartt WIP has expanded across Europe and beyond.

The Challenge

For Carhartt WIP’s online business, it is particularly important to consistently provide a great customer experience, scalable across millions of users of various markets. Page speed was identified to have significant improvement potentials, especially because of its SEO implications.

The Solution

In order to take advantage of this potential, Carhartt WIP decided to partner with Baqend and implement its Speed Kit solution. Speed Kit was added to Carhartt WIP’s shop system with two JavaScript files. The digital agency of Carhartt WIP managed the frontend side and configured Speed Kit together with the Baqend team.

After a week Speed Kit was set up, tested, and ready for the pilot. It was then successfully evaluated in an empirical A/B test on real-user data for the three largest country online shops.

The Main Results

The implementations of Baqend’s Speed Kit allowed Carhartt WIP to significantly increase the loading speed of its website and online shop as well as further important KPIs – all this within just 1 week.



"We are very satisfied with the onboarding and the technical integration. The cooperation with the Baqend Team was relaxed, yet very goal-oriented and we always felt perfectly supported. The coordination with our platform and implementation partners was excellent."

Marion Wittinger, Technical Team Lead at Carhartt WIP

"The great thing about Speed Kit is its scalability and fast implementation. We were able to go live within a matter of days and could implement it across our three biggest markets, Germany, France, and the UK, at the same time. The results are impressive, and by now Speed Kit is live on all our major country sites."

Marc Lohausen, Head of E-Commerce at Carhartt WIP

About Baqend

Baqend is helping companies “perform better online” by accelerating the website loading time. As a university spinoff with years of research, Baqend has developed a unique algorithm enabling them to accelerate the loading time of websites by a factor of 2-3x with minimal effort. They are currently live on 7,000 websites and serve over 100 million unique users monthly.


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