Awn increased conversion rate by 14% with the help of Baqend

Case Studies 2. June 2021.

The Company

A.W. Niemeyer, or in short awn, is a German vendor of boat and yacht supplies with a long tradition. Within its over 275 years in business, the former ironmonger has established itself as an internationally known ship chandler. A.W. Niemeyer is the leading ship chandler in the European market. While the largest part of their business still relies on brick-and-mortar retail stores, they have expanded their online business by running a Shopify shop of a respectable size.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 Crisis, awn was forced to close all of their retail stores. A well-performing online shop became more vital to their success than ever. Loading times were therefore one of the issues that needed to be improved.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, awn chose Baqend’s Speed Kit which was configured and ready to go live within just a few days and showed an immediate effect on awn’s online shop page speed. The innovative solution allows caching of dynamic HTML sites, a feat that no other solution on the market is able to achieve. This includes user-personalized content, dynamic pricing or user-specific product recommendations – mechanisms that are indispensable for modern e-commerce of today’s age. By speeding up content that traditionally was impossible to accelerate, Baqend’s Speed Kit had an immense impact on the performance of awn’s website.

The Main Results

The implementations of Baqend’s Speed Kit allowed awn to significantly increase the loading speed of its website and online shop as well as further important KPIs.

Double Verification

awn based its final roll-out decision on real-user monitoring. It showed a substantial uplift for actual customers during an A/B test for all critical performance metrics. Furthermore, the Google UX performance methodology confirms that the awn website yields a significantly better on-site experience.


"Speed Kit accelerated loads on our website by more than 2.5x and led to a double-digit uplift in conversion rate. After the A/B-Test we reached ROI during the first days in production with our German web shop, so of course we initiated rollout to our other Shopify shop"

Ado Nolte, Head of E-Commerce at awn

About Baqend

Baqend is helping companies “perform better online” by accelerating the website loading time. As a university spinoff with years of research, Baqend has developed a unique algorithm enabling them to accelerate the loading time of websites by a factor of 2-3x with minimal effort. They are currently live on 7,000 websites and serve over 100 million unique users monthly.


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