The Age of Collaboration III from Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D. Little

Age of Collaboration III | Corp-Up: It’s bigger than you think!

Free resources 9. December 2022.

At long last, the Age of Collaboration is back, and bigger than ever

Once again, the Age of Collaboration is back! We have captured the insights of nearly 800 startups and corporates from 85 countries around the world to bring you the largest and most global study ever into startup-corporate collaboration.

In 2019 we reflected on how Corp-Up – collaboration between startups and corporates on business terms – had become a mass-market phenomenon since our first Age of Collaboration report in 2016. By 2022, we are excited to have witnessed the unstoppable growth and development of this phenomenon. In the face of unprecedented global challenges, startup-corporate collaborations have endured and even further developed as crucial drivers of innovation.

What can you expect from this report?

We focused on analyzing the full value that Corp-Up provides, and have synthesized respondents’ perspectives with additional data. The conclusions are equal parts astonishing and clear: Corp-Up impact goes far beyond what is superficially visible. Many collaborators are selling collaboration short, focusing only on the direct impact, while a bigger view is required to understand the full impact relationship at hand. Corp-Up is bigger than you think!

While 55% of all corporates assess the direct impact of startup collaborations as insignificant (less than 3% of all revenues/profits) – likewise meaning that already 45% assess the impact as significant – the full impact goes far beyond. We demonstrate that corporate collaborators far outperform non-collaborators on key financial metrics: more growth, higher EBITDA, and better stock performance!

Startups putting a strong emphasis on Corp-Up benefit not only from the direct revenue growth, but also from the indispensable insights, recognition and trust achieved by signing the first contracts with “heavy hitter” multi-national corporations. Moreover, startups derive further benefits by receiving continued market feedback concerning use cases, solution/product functionalities, and more.

Crucial insights & best practices to harness this value await you in the Age of Collaboration III report.

Enjoy reading!

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