YesElf enters the French market through a collaboration with Synapscore

Case Studies 20. May 2021.

The Company

Synapscore helps organizations to fully capitalize on and increase their collective intelligence. They provide organizations with unique technology and a platform that enhance their collective ability to observe, analyze, imagine, decide, act, and learn.

The Challenge

Synapscore was looking for an efficient and easy way to educate its platform users on how to use and utilize different features of the Synapscore platform and to improve its overall user experience.

The Solution

Synapscore has just recently partnered with YesElf to implement the scaleup’s AI-powered digital adoption solution into the Synapscore platform. With YesElf’s innovative solution consisting of its confusion detection, recommendation engine, and expert guide creation features, Synapscore will be able to identify if and when its users need help, provide them with personalized guidance to use the program’s features and accomplish their tasks, and learn and share best practices with relevant users. This will help Synapscore’s users to understand and adapt the program quicker, smarter and easier, thereby increasing overall user experience and happiness with the Synapscore platform.

YesElf’s solution will be fully implemented into the Synapscore plattform in the following months.


"The collaboration with Synapscore shows us once more the high potential and relevance of our YesElf digital adoption platform solution. Furthermore, the entry into the French market is an important step for us and a strong stepping-stone to further tap into and conquer the European market.

Match-Maker Ventures was supporting the close collaboration between YesElf and Synapscore right from the very beginning and we benefited highly from Match-Maker Ventures' quality recommendations and capability to drive this collaboration successfully to the market.”

Peter Simun, CEO & Co-Founder at YesElf

About YesElf

YesElf offers an AI-powered digital adoption platform to educate users on how to master any software solution in record time. By detecting user confusion and generating personalized learning paths, they increase productivity by 30%, and decrease support ticket cost by 90%. Besides Synapscore, 20+ companies like NN and AIG and 320k+ users worldwide are benefiting from YesElf’s solution.


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