Match-Maker Ventures outlining Corp-Up opportunities for Drei

Case Studies 26. June 2019.

The Company

Hutchison Drei Austria (H3A) is a leading telecommunications provider serving 3.9 million customers in Austria. H3A is part of the 3 Group Europe, present in 6 European countries, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings (Hong Kong).

The Challenge

Hutchison Drei Austria asked Match-Maker Ventures to outline startup collaboration opportunities which can support the objective to enter and develop new lines of business, particularly within the topics of IoT and Smart City.

The Solution

MMV set up and executed two 6-week sprints for H3A, aiming to create impact already within the short-term. The process was structured in 4 stages:


Initial focus was on creating transparency within the complex IoT landscape. Jointly with H3A, MMV narrowed down the search grid to the IoT sub-topics with highest impact potential for H3A (e.g. Smart Building, Smart Parking).


MMV engaged its sourcing engine to identify potential startup partners for H3A, presenting only to H3A those startups which showed relevance across 4 points: market, startup-specific fit, margin potential and time-to-market.


After selection of the highest-potential startups, MMV worked with H3A’s team and with the short-listed startups to conduct a deep-dive assessment of the market opportunity, startup solution, team and business model.


For the startups with the strongest collaboration rationale, MMV developed a Go-to-Market plan, a joint operating model with H3A, and a detailed business case which which was then presented to H3A.

The Main Results

New business proposition

New holistic IoT proposition built for H3A consisting of 3 complementary startup offerings

Innovation inflow

45 startups were evaluated along H3A’s areas of interest, being that 6 of those underwent validation deep-dives

Roadmap for future innovation

Significant market knowledge generated throughout the project, with the potential to be leveraged in the future by H3A’s innovation team


“MMV uniquely combines in-depth telecom understanding with startup know-how. Out of our engagement we received a holistic proposition ready to launch together with three high-potential start-ups.

Truly end-to-end Match-Making, which enabled us on the one hand to see and explore things we haven’t thought about and on the other hand to significantly reduce time to market.“

Elisabeth Rettl, Senior Head of Business at Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

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