Deepomatic's First Time Right platform automates the quality control of field operations

Deepomatic helps Bouygues Telecom maintain high quality of service when connecting subscribers to fiber optic

Case Studies 25. April 2023.

The Company

Bouygues Telecom is the market leader for telecommunications in France aiming to offer excellent digital technology services to over 20.5 million customers, while supporting the growth of digital uses through a large workforce and numerous stores.

The Challenge

As a result of the increased fiber infrastructure and volumes of field operations, Bouygues Telecom was leveraging the services of subcontractors for the management of their infrastructure, which made it difficult for them to ensure a high quality of service across the network. On one hand, only 5 to 10% of the fiber installations were audited through manual processes, on the other, on-site visits were often repeated to ensure a good connection.

The Solution

By implementing Deepomatic’s First Time Right platform, the Client was able to:

  • Provide real-time feedback to technicians on the quality of their work.
  • Centralize the analysis of the pictures of the fiber installations by building a digital inventory
  • of the infrastructure.
  • Guide back-office managers and management teams towards a more efficient operation prioritization of activities and a careful review of specific operations

These implementations empowered to get full visibility of its fiber optic infrastructure, easily monitor network quality, and improve the success rate of its operations.

The Main Results

In particular, thanks to Deepomatic’s platform, Bouygues Telecom was able to identify 75% of network defects and anomalies (e.g. unconnected fibers, wrong color coding, or non-compliant cable paths), analyze 55,000 work order a month and audit 100% of its field work interventions. In addition, the Client experienced a reduction of its quality compliance costs.

Overall, with an augmented quality of the network, the telco operator enhanced the quality of experience for its customers.


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