Vintom is personalizing NC+ communication with their customers

Our clients 18. June 2019.

Vintom personalizes NC+ communication with their customers

NC+ was looking for new ideas to reach CRM goals in an increasingly competitive pay TV market, struggling with high contract renewal costs, churn and seeking new ways to increase ARPU.

Vintom enabled NC+ to present hundred of thousand personalized offers for extending contracts, increasing ARPU by offering additional packages based on content suited to customers needs.


Collaboration results:

Personalized videos to renew subscribers contract online without the need to contact call center

✔ 5% increase in ARPU

✔ 14% viewers extended retention

✔ 50% reduced contract renewal costs

“The increases we’ve achieved with the Vintom’s technology have exceeded our expectations. What’s even better is that the results are still improving. Our collaboration with Vintom is going to be a long-term one."

Adam Tyszer, Operations Director at NC+ Poland

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