tiga.eleven enabled A1 Austria to expand their SME offering

Our clients 18. June 2019.

tiga.eleven enabled A1 to expand their SME offering

tiga.eleven is an Austrian startup (founded in 2016) that enables brick-and-mortar SMEs to monetize Guest WiFi infrastructure by automating marketing activities. 70-90% of non-tech SMEs do not have marketing automation solutions in Europe, hence, creating a sizable opportunity for telcos to tap into.

A1 Austria aims to be the key partner for the digital transformation of their B2B customers. Offering business solution like tiga.eleven allows A1 to acquire new customers, cross-sell to existing ones and reduce churn. As a result, A1 leverages its own sales channels in order to go-to-market with tiga.eleven.


Collaboration results:

A1 launched tiga.eleven’s service to foster digital transformation among clients

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