Match-Maker Ventures providing end-2-end Match-Making for OptInk

Our clients 10. April 2018.


✔ Validating technical and legal feasibility

✔ Validating market opportunity

✔ Developing team and company structure

✔ Setting up sales process

✔ Setting up partner network


Since Optink was born out of an internal company building project of Match-Maker Ventures, naturally MMV was integral to the birth of Optink in many ways. In the early phase of the company Match-Maker Ventures provided staff, know-how and network for the market validation of the solution.

In a second stage Match-Maker Ventures was essential for the staffing and incorporation of the company. All that happened while providing full end-2-end Match-Making till today.


(1) Company founded in 08/2017

(2) Presented solution in front of 20+ clients

(3) First PoC in 2018


"Without Match-Maker Ventures and its vast network, it would have been impossible for us to develop so close to our customers.

We were in regular and close contact with decision makers and technical experts of our potential customers even before our organisation was fully established. Due to this constant customer exposure we were able to adapt our product to their immediate needs."

Philip Kügler, CTO at OptInk

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